Good News Becomes Awesome Stories

Hello dear friends. I thought it might be fun to give you some history on my inspiring stories.

They started as a way to spread hope and cheer with the name Good News. Ultimately, I wanted the stories to be more inclusive as this term is also associated with spreading the gospel of Christianity. So after deliberation and talking to some friends, I chose Awesome Stories.

This post was the first with the new name. Enjoy and feel free to spread the good news, inspiration, and hope for all.

Blessings, Brad

writing to freedom

How do you like the new name, Awesome Stories?Awesome Stories

During a conversation with a friend at a party, it became clear that ‘Good News’ doesn’t have the universal appeal that I want for this series. Many people associate the term with the Christian faith and spreading ‘good news’ in order to convert others to their path. Though maybe that does fit my blog. 🙂  I want to convert you to thriving as a way of life based on living fully with joy, love and care for the good of all (like sustainable practices).

Another party guest blurted out “how about ‘ Awesome Stories?'” We both laughed, and I had the new name, minus the swear word. Again, I didn’t want to offend anyone, though I love the evocative emotion of his version.

So here is my first Awesome Story. Enjoy.

Meet Rachel Macy Stafford and her daughter.

Rachel tells  a

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28 thoughts on “Good News Becomes Awesome Stories

  1. What a good idea to go back and share how Awesome Stories came to be. And your stories are awesome indeed! I just read one of the original posts about how the daughter and parent both reacted differently to homeless people, and it’s an awesome story, too. Congrats.

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