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Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High ~ fields of columbines light up the mountain valley trails of happiness ~ This is another beautiful image from my friend Gayle Fetik. She travels routinely to Colorado, posting photos and stirring up my longing to return to the beauty of Colorado. John Denver immortalized the beauty of Colorado in his classic…

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Perennial Rockets

Perennial Rockets   yellow coneflowers setting the prairie aglow rockets of desire ~ The Yellow Praire Coneflower is a native of the Great Plains which can reach heights of 5 feet. The cheerful petals that sweep backward from the center cone bloom from May to September. This is another stunning image taken by my friend Gayle…

Rocky Mountain High, poetry

Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High ~ golden Aspens shine layers of beauty abound Rocky Mountain High ~ I have a special love for Colorado having lived there for 3 years in the early 90s. They were some of the best times in my life, much of that due to the beautiful Rocky Mountains and easy access to outdoor activities.…

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Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild ~ the frontier remains borders to an unknown time rattle in my heart ~ the beauty remains hidden in distant feelings calling to come home ~ I wrote the first verse without any conscious thought, but then rewrote it because it didn’t make any logical sense. The second verse is my conscious…

Fall in Aspen, CO, poetry

Aspen Magic

Aspen Magic ~ radiant colors mystic messages in light golden rays transform ~ This gorgeous photo was taken by Thomas O’ Brien. Thanks for sharing the beauty! I remember those glorious glowing aspens in Colorado. 🙂