Piercing Eyes

Piercing Eyes


your piercing eyeswisdom, owl, Cindy Knoke

filled with wisdom and guise

peering into distant space

with fearsome grace


you freely share your beauty

have we the eyes to see our duty

to ask the cooperation of nature

and find our proper nomenclature


Mythology and folklore ascribe both good and bad omens to owls. Some Native AmericansΒ consider them to be omens of sickness and death, while other cultures like the Greeks believe owls to be carriers of wisdom. Maybe owls are simple mirrors to our own dualistic mind, forever pairing good against evil. This wonderful owl photo comes from Cindy Knoke, a gifted photographer, and lover of nature. I sincerely hope that we find the wisdom to live in harmony with nature.

Peace out!




31 thoughts on “Piercing Eyes

  1. What a majestic creature…Yay and well done to Cindy as well….Owls are my totem. Every home I’ve lived in has had an owl that hoots close by. I couldn’t imagine life without them. I see them as wisdom and strength and fully living ones life.When they hoot they are reminding us to take time to go within and search for answers. Thanks for sharing Brad….Happy weekend….VK πŸ™‚

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