beauty, macro views, poetry

Hidden Charms

Hidden Charms ~ macro details shine fresh views of nature’s splendor beauty revealed ~ When I was younger, I was focused on the obvious beauty of a sunset, mountain range, or grand vista. Those beautiful sights stirred my passion for nature and photography. Gradually, since living in Arkansas, I’ve learned to look more closely at…

wisdom, owl, Cindy Knoke

Piercing Eyes

Piercing Eyes ~ your piercing eyes filled with wisdom and guise peering into distant space with fearsome grace ~ you freely share your beauty have we the eyes to see our duty to ask the cooperation of nature and find our proper nomenclature ~ Mythology and folklore ascribe both good and bad omens to owls.…

Vera Komnig, painting, poetry

Cosmic Light

Cosmic Light   visitors from distant galaxies meteors dash across the horizon filling the sky with wondrous light leaving trails of cosmic joy ~ This painting by Vera Komnig fills my heart with joy. It’s like liquid sunshine! I invite you to explore Vera’s wonderful artwork.

Perseides Meteor Shower, poetry

Magic Nights

Magic Nights magic moments stir the night skies on fire with glorious light cosmic visitors streak across the sky wonder filling my heart and third eye ~ Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere were treated to three nights of magic in the skies last week. The Perseid Meteor Shower visited in full force with comet…

Distant Wonders, poetry

Distant Wonders

Distant Wonders   distant wonders fill the skies a rainbow feast for our eyes creating a magical sight on this glorious night ~ watching heaven’s aurora show the sky dancing with lights aglow wonders to dazzle and amaze setting my heart ablaze ~ This awesome photo of the aurora borealis by Shane Michael Black on…

helping the homeless, Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories 207

This week Awesome Stories brings you helping hands, wonder, free food, building peace and cool music. Ready Willing & Able Ready Willing & Able is the brainchild of George McDonald. He started The Doe Fund after being touched by the plight of the homeless and how they were treated in New York City. For years,…

Supermoon Moods, poetry, love, light

Mystic Moon Beams

Mystic Moon Beams moonbeams illuminate the night piercing the veil surrounding a closed heart ~ tides flowing to hidden spaces passions awakening, synapses firing cells awakening in secret codes ~ let this magic light awaken the weary sojourner shaking off the fearful dream ~ opening heart and soul to beauty, wonder and love on this harvest…

Blood Moon- Blood Red Beauty, poetry

Blood Red Beauty

Blood Red Beauty softly glowing red moon you make my heart swoon what is this strange robe that I see upon your globe filling the starry night with wondrous light traces of past glories volcano, dust and fire stories forming the earth’s red rim filtering the sun’s blue trim * quieting my busy mind a…

Starry Nights, poetry, awe

Starry Nights

  When was the last time you felt awe? Last night’s lunar eclipse got me out of my comfortable routines to watch the night sky at 2 AM, and I’m not complaining! I was reminded of the vast beauty and mystery of the universe. When I reach that holy ground called awe, I feel an awakening…

Awesome Peony

Are You Ready for Awesome?

What’s awesome in your life? According to, awesome means inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear; causing or inducing awe.  To some of us, awesome might seem to be out of reach. We might think it’s too radical to experience awesome; just feeling good would be nice. But maybe nothing needs to change in…