Peregrine Power

Peregrine Powerperegrines, speed, beauty, poetry


fierce eyes scan the land

bold dive announcing the hunt

fear fills the valley


This stunning photo is from Cindy Knoke, a wonderful photographer. Her post called Peregrine Precision has a series of stunning close-up peregrine photos. From Cindy, I learned that peregrines are the fastest animal on earth, flying up to 242 mph! I’m glad this beautiful and fierce creature is not hunting me!


20 thoughts on “Peregrine Power

  1. Cindy has managed to capture the pure essence of the peregrine- his spirit, his energy, his focus and his glorious being! Just magnificent! I also love the close-up of the feathers, colour and stance. Thank you to Cindy and thank you for sharing! Your short poem does the peregrine justice. 👏🏻🌹


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