Moon Kisses

Moon Kisses


your kisses dance across my skinpoetry, love, kisses, moon

prickling the senses

coming alive with passion

coursing through my being

electrifying passages to my heart

tender feelings explode

I lay down my soul

resting in your sweet waters


Inspired by this delicious photo from Senna Relax Photography via Facebook.


38 thoughts on “Moon Kisses

  1. This is wonderful Brad! I’ve been noticing the lovely moon over the past few days, but haven’t been feeling inspired to write much lately, so I really appreciated reading this one of yours, thank you for sharing it! 🙂

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  2. The first time I ever kissed my wife-to-be was under a moonlit sky along the shores of the ocean, with the foamy tendrils of the lapping waves wrapping around our ankles, sinking our feet into the sand, and setting our roots. Needless to say, your words have recalled some very fond memories 🙂 Thank you Brad, another beautiful landscape painted with words 😉

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