Once Upon a Blue Moon

A Strange New World

A Strange New World Pixabay image by Natan Vance ~ I decided to have a go at writing a short story. This is my first short story ever and response to D. Wallace Peach’s March speculative fiction prompt. The guidelines can be found in the link above which are to write a poem, story or…

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Moonlight Reflections

Moonlight Reflections ~ moonlight’s soft white glow dancing on silver waters waves of holy light ~ If you want more cosmic perspective, here is a fascinating video showing the scale of the earth relative to the known universe. Far out!

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Moon Dance

Moon Dance ~ moonbeams shimmering soft clouds glimmering a cosmic two-step game piercing hearts with true aim ~This week we had a “supermoon” with the moon coming the closest to the earth since 1948, not to return so near until 2034. Walking around a local park the soft puffy clouds seemed to be dancing with┬áthe…

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Moon Kisses

Moon Kisses   your kisses dance across my skin prickling the senses coming alive with passion coursing through my being electrifying passages to my heart tender feelings explode I lay down my soul resting in your sweet waters ~ Inspired by this delicious photo from Senna Relax Photography via Facebook.