Pomp and Posturing

Pomp and Posturing

poetry, fear, masks, making peace, love


~ Act 1 – roused

who dares enter my domain

offering your advice in vain

beware when venturing this way

I’ll huff and puff to keep you away

~ Act 2 – revealed

little man with big voice revealed

hidden fears concealed

don’t worry, he’s like a small dog

yapping at the wind and fog

~ Act 3 – soothed

make friends with these anxious voices

calling for loving and accepting choices

sooth their ravaged minds and emotions

with tender hearts, words and motions

~ Peace

Image from http://anime-quotes.deviantart.com.

This post was stimulated by safi‘s post the devil on your shoulder. Fear often hides behind various masks of pomp, pride, anger and blustering. May we learn to make friends with these voices (inner and outer) calling for our attention. Much like frightened children, they may simply need some love and acceptance.  ~  musebrad 



22 thoughts on “Pomp and Posturing

  1. I like the way you flip the mainstream way of thinking on its head. Most people would advocate pushing away and banishing those ill-perceived emotions of anger and pride. Truth is, they are human emotions just like any other one and deserve our attention in a healthy and supportive way. Thanks for sharing, Brad. I like when I can look at otherwise ordinary subjects from a different perspective which you always help me do with your finely crafted words 🙂

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  2. What a perfect post to read on my last day of flying six in a row! This cycle applies to interacting with the public, and my goal is trying to bring them to the soothing/peaceful end. Doesn’t always happen — but now I can think of your clever writing here and smile… Thanks!

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  3. “who dares enter my domain
    offering your advice in vain
    beware when venturing this way
    I’ll huff and puff to keep you away”

    Who else but the Godmother,
    Some urgent word or injunction forbearer?
    She fears not thy huffing and puffing
    The Mafia would not be bluffing.

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