Be Mine

~ our bond etched across the sky painted in soft light and puffy clouds the wind gently whispers your name sensually brushing across my skin shivers rush down my spine awakening the sleeping bear a deep hunger surges within stirring primal urges to connect will you be mine? ~ ~ This is my fanciful ode…

Super Bowl Blues

~ my team lost the game failed to claim trophy or fame sulking and staring at the walls muttering about some bad calls while lamenting the news feeling the super bowl blues ~ I have no lover to romance no partner to ask for a dance she long since left the roost greener pastures have…

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Be My Valentine

  Be My Valentine ~ exquisite feelings explode rushing through my being delightful smells linger the musky scent of desire pleasure traversing my body alluring attractions arise with bonds of love and lust life without you unfathomable our hearts entwined epic love or addiction pass the chocolate ~ Happy Valentine’s My Sweet!¬† ūüôā

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Layers of Love

Layers of Love ~ lust eros attraction layers of love budding connection rainbows, sunsets, flowers a few of my favorites love building silent connections friendship, siblings, marriage, partners the sacred dance of love joins hearts and minds ~ To honor February and Valentine’s Day, I wrote my first etheree poem. May your life be a…

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A Season of Love

A Season of Love ~ lush petals dripping awakening hungry senses a convoy of enticing aromas wafting through my body the goddess of romance beckons with trepidation, I heed the siren call venturing forth in a season of love ~ Valentine’s Day is the traditional¬†day to celebrate love in the US. Even being single, I…

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Awesome Stories 209

This week Awesome Stories bring you leadership, high-tech breakthroughs, savoring life, Amazon treasures and love for Valentine’s Day! Bold Leadership This story and photo recently went viral thanks to Brandon Stanton and his Humans of New York campaign. To date, the campaign has raised over $1,100,000! Vidal’s acknowledgment¬†of his principal as the most important person…

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Healthy Heart Connections

Do you have healthy heart connections? Last year I wrote about how our brains are wired for connection. We have this amazing tool called our brain that seems to be evolving to reward social connection. My blogging journey has definitely been an evolution of social connection. My blog started as a creative outlet and I’ve…

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Moon Kisses

Moon Kisses   your kisses dance across my skin prickling the senses coming alive with passion coursing through my being electrifying passages to my heart tender feelings explode I lay down my soul resting in your sweet waters ~ Inspired by this delicious photo from Senna Relax Photography via Facebook.

Cupid Strikes in Surprise Attack

Cupid Strikes in Surprise Attack

My Funny Valentine’s Day Tribute When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.~ Rumi Enjoy this rousing rendition of “My Funny Valentine” by Alice Fredenham. Shall We Dance? he thought he was done with romance stale from a life too cautious to dance neither bitter nor playful…

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Self Love or Self Obsession?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I was going to¬†join the¬†self love¬†party,¬†writing about tips for self love like¬†so many¬†other bloggers. Then I realized that I don’t agree¬†with the idea that¬†self love is necessary in life. Did Ghandi or Albert Schweitzer or Mother Teresa practice self love?¬†I didn’t interview them for this blog, but I¬†doubt it. They…