Pond Life

Our pair of Canada Geese.


ducks geese swans cruising

gaggles of water goodness

contentment abounds


We have two Canada Geese who live on our pond and a few of these other birds I can’t identify. Do any of you birders know what type of waterfowl this is?

Mystery waterfowl.
Mystery bird #2. I believe this is the female of the species.

I’m loving my new pond life. I enjoy looking out my front windows or sitting on the porch watching the geese and waterfowl. They move around our small pond all day and often visit the little canal by my patio that feeds the pond. I’m told this previously was a natural wetland that was turned into a pond for this development.

As some of you have noticed and commented, my attitude has shifted along with this move. I’m feeling more contented and hopeful about my life than I have in quite a while. I am very grateful for my new home and contentment. I can’t believe how soothing it is to look out on the pond from my apartment; the miracle of nature and simple joys. To all of you who have reached out and encouraged me, thank you! I appreciate you.

The canal by my patio that feeds the pond.

Cheers from the pond!



52 thoughts on “Pond Life

  1. I am so happy for you, Brad. One of our happiest places was the old Ontario cottage that looked out onto a large pond; we were especially happy when the mallards arrived and soon after, baby ducks being taught to swim and dive. Those waterfowl are ducks of some sort. Our mallards here are more colourful (the males esp.) so they may not be mallards, but yours are gorgeous too.

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  2. Yes… thinking they were Muscovy ducks as well. Funny little species. I love your pond life as well. It’s amazing how nature can stop you, sit you down, and help you ponder the quieter life with geese and ducks. It looks like an oasis that hopefully we will get to see wake up with spring too. Donna

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  3. So happy for you Brad that your Move has been so beneficial in every way… What a glorious view to have Pond Life that changes all the time right in front of you.. I looked up the duck and agree with Sp3ncer it looks like a Muscovy Duck ….
    Wonderful photos, and so pleased you followed your own Gut instincts Brad, that have led you to your peaceful piece of Paradise..
    Much Love your way and thank you for your lovely visit.. ❀

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  4. That’s such a beautiful view to wake up to every day…no wonder you’re feeling content and happy Brad… really nice to see you in such good spirits…enjoy the beauty of nature, the scenery and the pond life !! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ₯°πŸ’Ÿ

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  5. I saw that you got your answer on your mystery duck. You’ve become a bird watcher and I suspect that you’ll know all your feathered visitors before long. I’m so glad you’re feeling lighter and content, Brad. It will ripple into all parts of your life because, well, that’s how it works. Your followers can already feel it. Just wait until the weather warms and everything starts blooming. How wonderful that will be! Enjoy.

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