Lucky Lluvia

Lucky Lluvia


Lluvia, poetry, pottery

Lluvia- by Belén Soto

Drake and Sol are mates so royal

parents both affectionate and loyal

flying on wings of love

they travel the skies above

I’ve heard rumors of a coup

escaping with a Canadian troop

they joined a merry gaggle

full of laughter and babble

geese, play

This is the latest in Belén’s collection of fun and playful ceramic figures. They inspire me to laugh, play, and enjoy life. Drake and Sol have found a new home in Canada with Resa. I don’t know if Lluvia will join them or exercise her free will to fly away. You can visit them on Belen’s blog.

Speaking of geese, this silly one was crossing the street near my new office in an Interesting synchronicity. I wonder what it means to have a goose cross my path. Maybe it’s time to play!



32 thoughts on “Lucky Lluvia

  1. Oohhh….Good choice Brad…Goose totem medicine says this: “A goose as a totem can reflect that you are about to break free of old childhood restraints and begin to come into your own.” Sounds like the new job may be bringing you more than just an income! Best of luck with what lies ahead….. VK 🙂

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  2. I liked a pair of geese sitting on a big industrial pipe. I decided not to take a photo since it is not good how crowded my cellphone gets from photos! Lol
    Happy honking like a goose 📢 or quacking like a duck! 🦆

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  3. Ohhh that’s good!!! Lluvia is dancing and singing all over the house, she likes to play and she also likes to meet new friends … now she has a poet friend and is so happy !!
    Lluvia loves your precious poem, me too, thanks for giving our baby duck this wonderful opportunity to show her talent to the world … his parents (Drake and Sol) are so proud of their little artist.
    She is still very little … but soon we will have great news about her career towards fame 🙂
    Thank you very much Brad, you are a good, good friend!!!
    We send a big hug from Spain.

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  4. Reblogged this on Arcilla y fuego and commented:
    Con la ayuda de nuestro querido amigo Brad Volz, Lluvia ha iniciado su carrera como artista, por ahora su papel es el de musa para poetas pero esto es solo el inicio …
    Muchas gracias Brad!!!
    With the help of our dear friend Brad Volz, Lluvia has started his career as an artist, for now his role is that of muse for poets but this is just the beginning …
    Thank you very much Brad!!!

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  5. HELLO! Resa here.
    Yes, Lluvia has come to live in Canada with Drake and Sol in my home. They are very happy here. There is a BIG lake and we can see it from our windows. They like to fly and dive with many other ducks and birds. Soon, summer will come, and they will spend many more hours at the lake …Lake Ontario. In the meantime they are cozy on the fireplace mantle. I buy chocolates sometimes, but Drake eat most of them, because Lluvia is too, young.
    Tonight, I will read your poem to them. Tomorrow, they will fly over the lake, with your words in their hearts.
    Many thank yous and much love from Toronto!

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