Soul Soothing Sunsets

Last night’s sunset.


the sun’s long goodbye

glides below the horizon

moments to reflect


The south view during last night’s sunset.

I’m enjoying so much about my new place; the quiet, friendly neighbors, pond, ducks, and open vistas to watch the sky. I’ve been savoring my new place and life, feeling very grateful to have been offered this particular apartment at the perfect time for my move.

I’m relishing my patio to watch the world go by. I didn’t understand porch sitting until I moved to Arkansas. After resisting, I tried it and was surprised at how relaxing it was to simply sit and watch the world around me. There have been many times when watching sunsets was a nightly ritual to nurture my body and soul. I don’t feel the need for that now, but appreciate that I have the views when I want them.

The east view from the pond.

May you create routines that are soothing to your soul.


57 thoughts on “Soul Soothing Sunsets

  1. When we were young(er), I think we thought routines were boring. Now? I realize that routines bring peace and calm in a chaotic world. And I’ve newly discovered the beauty of porch sitting as well. Your view is spectacular! I love hearing the calm and joy in your writing voice. ❀

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  2. Good to hear that you are enjoying your new place, I too would want that for myself. Peacefulness, tranquility, light, joy and happiness is all I need and what everybody needs as well.

    Good blog post “Soul soothing sunsetsβ˜€οΈ

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  3. Yes, yes, yes! I can feel the peace as it moves through your thoughts and words on a page, Brad! Something pretty incredible happens when we are living in the perfect place for us. I guess it is when the word HOME actually feels like the real deal. I am very happy for you and believe that your creative energy is going to reflect this wonderful peace! Sending much love and good energy!

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  4. That is a lovely sunset there, Brad. Your new apartment sounds lovely and I’m sure you will have many more times on the patio watching the world go by. Timing is everything. I love sunsets. They just make me stop and appreciate the transition of time right in the moment. Hope all is well πŸ™‚

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