The pond is a nice bonus.


unpacking my life

excitement of beginnings

transformation time


Sunset on my first night.

I made the move and am starting to nest and settle in my new apartment. It feels very good to have my own place after sharing houses for the last 6 years. I knew I wanted my own place, but am surprised at how good it feels to have my own space. A space to make my own, decorate, relax, nest, and simply be at peace. The quiet of this community is a huge plus for me as I love and crave quiet and solitude.

My apartment is the end unit on the right.

And having a pond with ducks right out my front door that I can enjoy from my front porch is another big perk. I feel like things are shifting inside me along with the outer changes. Hopefully, this will be a time of positive transformation. My life needs some new energy and rebirth. Thankfully, I’m responding to life differently already; more open, hopeful, and willing to engage and try new things.

The view just out my front door on the walkway across the pond.

I’m excited to see where all this leads and very grateful to have found this apartment. Thanks for sharing in my journey. I appreciate all the love and support our community has shared with me.

Happy Spring!


89 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. Looks like a nice and inviting community. Living alone is freeing to the senses! Be careful because you may never want to cohabitate again. I would consider myself lucky having ended up on the end cap next to the pond. Enjoy your new freedoms and thanks for sharing your journey.

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  2. What a beautiful place to live! I am happy for you Brad. In SoCal we would call that a lake! How wonderful to live next to it. The nestlings should be waddling around soon! Enjoy my friend. You deserve it!

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    • Thank you Cindy. πŸ™ It is a beautiful setting that makes me happy. I wonder why I hesitated so much at taking this apartment. It will be fun to see the ducklings, although I’ve heard they cull the brood to keep the population down.


  3. Wishing only super good things for you Brad!!!! It’s about time πŸ™‚ Looks really relaxing there and with nature at your door how could you go wrong? Great move! Good luck and lots of good wishes your way…VK ❀

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  4. Brad, I can sense the lightness and hope in your words. And I’m so happy for you. May this move be the beginning of a whole new chapter of love, joy and enlightenment for you my friend. Enjoy. βœ¨πŸ’™

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  5. BRAD!! I am so freakin happy for you and love everything about your new place. Congratulations on having your own space, your new surroundings and the journey that awaits you. Gahhh, I am elated for you! I can imagine enjoying coffee in the mornings with the ducks will be absolutely delightful. Honestly, I couldn’t be more thrilled for you because you and that beautiful soul deserve only happiness and peace. Lots of HNS, my friend. πŸ’•πŸ¦†

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  6. I AM SO EXCITED for you! Your new home and environment look so RIGHT for you Brad. I’m with you, a quiet place is important for those of us who are more introvert than extrovert. Yet we don’t want a cabin deep in the woods all alone. Finding a balance isn’t easy, and I think you’ve done it! I wish you happiness and contentment and new-things-to-come in your new home.

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  7. Hi dear Brad, how wonderful to read these news about your life! Congratulations on the move, wishing you lots of joyful moments in your new abode! The pictures look very lovely, they ooze serenity!! Big hugs from Spain ❀️

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  8. I love this, Brad! Wonderful you got that end unit and can have the peaceful energy of the water along the side of your place. Beautiful views with the ducks, water and skies. I’m so happy for you! Soak it all up and enjoy, my friend! πŸ’™

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  9. Yay! Your photos are gorgeous, Brad. The place looks beautiful and so serene. There’s something wonderful about having your own space to nest and fill with your own evolving energy. I can sense how good it feels as you write about it in your post. Things seem to be looking up for you. Many congrats on taking the step. Hugs.

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  10. This is awesome Brad ~ and from the looks of your photos as well as your description, an oasis. There are so many positives to new beginnings, I like the way you put it best: excitement of beginnings, transformation time. The pond is great, and this alone seems to offer peace and well as a healthy feeling of freedom, and as you mentioned in your writing the “new energy and rebirth” which also is just perfect for this time of year to bring in the spring season. Congratulations and cheers ~

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