Pond Life Dreams

~ algae-covered pond life hidden beneath the calm while dreams lie dormant ~ This has been a quiet summer for me, focused on work, volunteering, and daily life. Over the last few years, I’ve allowed my dreams to wither and become dormant. Maybe one day, the spark will be reignited. Meanwhile, I’m grateful to live…


Shimmering Light

~ delicate blossoms shimmering in the soft light warm my tender heart ~ I’ve been enjoying the pond life with water, ducks, frogs, birds, sunsets, and my neighbor’s beautiful garden. Thank you Pond Life. #PondLife

Pond Life

~ ducks geese swans cruising gaggles of water goodness contentment abounds ~ We have two Canada Geese who live on our pond and a few of these other birds I can’t identify. Do any of you birders know what type of waterfowl this is? I’m loving my new pond life. I enjoy looking out my…