Healing Times

Healing Times

This post is to share some love and encouragement with a wonderful artist I met through WordPress. Belén Soto creates whimsical ceramic creatures, along with traditional ceramics. I recently found out that she has been quiet online due to a health challenge. It’s shocking anytime I hear of a friend facing a health challenge, especially someone who is full of kindness and passion for life. There aren’t always reasons we can understand for why people get sick. You can learn more about Belén and her art on her personal blog or shopping website.

ceramics, Belen Soto

Baby Lluvia arrives in the world


ceramic figures, Belén Soto

Drake and Sol find love

Belén’s creations invite our imagination to play. Her fans often create stories and adventures for her adorable figures. Here is a fun example from Resa at Graffiti Lux Art & More. She created a wonderful story for Drake involving international travel, love, marriage, and family! And I’ve written many poems inspired by her delightful art like this one called Dancing with Dino.

Belen Soto, ceramics

Thank you Belén for sharing your beautiful creations. You have brought me so much joy. May love and vitality fill your body and soul.

Please visit Belén to share some love and joy. Maybe you’ll want to take home a new friend from Spain.


48 thoughts on “Healing Times

  1. I also know Belen through WP and wondered where she has been. Her creations are so delightful. I will stop by, Brad. Thank you for passing along this news. Quite a few WP voices have vanished over the past year and there’s no way to know what happened.

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  2. Brad, your kind and considerate nature shines through in this post. It is worrying when people are quiet for longer periods and I hope your friend is soon better! Her work is wonderful and a great touch of humour and fun! Ceramics always seems an underappreciated art form!

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  3. I am sorry to hear about Belen Soto’s health challenge. Thank you, Brad, for sharing her creative ceramics with us. Belen is inspiring others with her art. “Dancing with Dino” made me smile. A cutie, and like you say, allowing your inner child to play. Sharing love and joy….the best gifts. 🙂

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  4. A wonderful healing tribute to your artist friend Brad, I so hope she soon feels the healing love your words bring her… Her wonderful art brings so much joy….. May Belen feel that love, and I hope soon recover to her former health and vitality…
    Love and Blessings dear Brad… You have such a compassionate caring heart… ❤

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  5. What a beautiful post you have done for your friend! The world needs more compassion and kindness such as this! It’s such a simple but powerful way to let your friend know they matter and mean something. Thank you for sharing your kindness and giving us all hope the world can be good! Prayers and blessings for your artist friend!!

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