ceramics, Belen Soto

Healing Times

Healing Times This post is to share some love and encouragement with a wonderful artist I met through WordPress. Belén Soto creates whimsical ceramic creatures, along with traditional ceramics. I recently found out that she has been quiet online due to a health challenge. It’s shocking anytime I hear of a friend facing a health…

little ones, Belen Soto

Little Reminders

Little Reminders ~ the little one’s glee shining innocent and free reminder to be ~ Here is another fun ceramic figure from Belén Soto, inspiring me to play and enjoy life. This cute character is called El Pequeño, meaning the little one, from the Duende family. He appears to be doing a famous yoga pose called…

Bridesmaids, Lua, love

Calling Cupid

Calling Cupid ~ this boy is ready for romance happy feet itching to dance ready for rock, roll, or swing or maybe two-step is your thing ~ dance into these tender arms surrendering to the charms with promises to nurture your heart giving romance a joyful start ~ Once again I’ve enjoyed letting my imagination…

Lua, ceramics, poetry, play

Lingering with Lua

Lingering with Lua ~ lingering in his gaze filled with curiosity sweet and innocent ~ her beauty shines forth to bedazzle and beguile playful dreams begin ~ Lua and Drake are two of Belén Soto’s latest ceramic characters that have inspired my imagination. You can see the rest of her fanciful art at Cerámica Belén Soto.  

dogs, poetry, play

Dog Days

Dog Days ~ me and my floppy dogs sitting like ceramic logs typically eager to please today too tired to sneeze with no energy to play we’re resting for another day to offer no grand allegories but mere dog day stories ~ These are more delightful sculptures from Belén Soto. I love the whimsical expressions, playful feelings…

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Polly Wolly!

Polly Wolly! this Polly does NOT like crackers that’s nonsense from wackers* Snickers bars bring me bliss any birdbrain knows this ~ although we’re made of clay we’re ready to dance and play each day full of surprises with delight in all that arises ~ now it’s time to bid adieu I enjoyed bumbling through…

cuckoo bird by Belen Soto, poetry Brad Volz

One Flew Over the Cuckoo

One Flew Over the Cuckoo another day in paradise happily flitting and flopping no flying for this crazy old bird but he sure knows how to play ~ come close and he might kiss your cheek or peck your derriere! you never know with Charlie he’s one flew over the cuckoo ~ I was way…

Whimsical Witch

Whimsical Witch

Whimsical Witch where oh where is my broom must I wait for my groom to ride upon the clouds casting whimsical shrouds ~ come my darling frog hop on over to my log I’ll offer a kiss or two maybe a warlock or brew ~ hurry up with my ride unless you like to be…