Lingering with Lua

Lingering with Lua

~Lua, ceramics, poetry, play

lingering in his gaze

filled with curiosity

sweet and innocent


her beauty shines forth

to bedazzle and beguile

playful dreams begin


ceramics, Drake

Drake admires his hopeful mate

lua, mate for Drake

Lua is ready to test the waters!

Lua and Drake are two of Belén Soto’s latest ceramic characters that have inspired my imagination. You can see the rest of her fanciful art at Cerámica Belén Soto.



26 thoughts on “Lingering with Lua

  1. Hi Brad,
    Drake and Lua are so happy, and I’m so proud of my little creations … they have inspired one of your cheerful poems
    I think we will open a big box of chocolates to celebrate, Drake loves chocolates 🙂 and say thank you eating three or four ….
    Lua is thrilled with your post, she must keep her stylized figure and celebrates it pecking at a carrot 😉
    Thank you for everything dear friend, you are great !!!

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