The Terrain for Health

The Terrain for Health

2020, age 61.

I see so many people struggling with health and under the sway of what I believe is a false approach to health and healing.

Mainstream medicine, in the US and most developed countries, is dominated by the germ theory. At it’s core, the germ theory is about finding problems (germs, viruses, bacteria, cancer, AHDH, and other symptoms) and going to war to eliminate or kill them. This approach has created a medical industry focused on fighting disease, not helping people to create and maintain health. The germ theory originated with the French chemist Louis Pasteur, who proposed that microorganisms are the cause of most disease.

Much of our medical system (schools,doctors, research, and agendas) is funded and influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, with 50% of the industry controlled by the Rockefeller family alone. John D. Rockefeller is credited with creating the pharmaceutical industry (more profits from oil based drugs and chemicals). To pioneer drugs, he suppressed the natural medicines that were popular at the time and changed the direction of modern medicine, medical schools, and the AMA.

By contrast, Pasteur’s friend, physiologist Claude Bernard, taught that the ‘terrain’ of the human body was more important than the ‘pathogens’ that infect it. This explains why some people get sick when exposed to pathogens and some don’t. We are surrounded by pathogens while trillions of microorganisms live in and on our body. Thinking that eliminating one virus or bacteria will create health is a misguided approach. Countless life functions rely on microorganisms like digesting food, regulating the immune system, and supporting gut and overall health.

Bernard was right: the microbe is nothing, the environment is everything. ~ Louis Pasteur on his deathbed

I’m skeptical of mainstream medicine for the reasons above along with the current approaches for solving the covid crisis. The news is dominated by fear and limiting choices. People are not being told how to boost their immune systems or create health. I believe our bodies are self healing and meant to thrive. To thrive we must co-create a healthy terrain by maximizing healthy inputs and minimizing toxic ones which is the essence of the Terrain Theory and my approach to health.

The terrain approach is more holistic with an understanding that we are part of nature and our environment. Most alternative, and holistic approaches to health are based on the terrain approach. We are not separate and at war with environment, yet that is the mainstream approach.

Here are some recommendations from Dr. Ray Andrew of the Prestige Wellness Institute.

  • Eat high quality, natural, whole foods, especially fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes.
  • Get enough micro-nutrients. This may require testing to determine the levels actually in your blood.
  • Get plenty of non-medicated sleep. The body needs deep, natural sleep cycles to restore and balance.
  • Optimize vitamin D. Sun or supplements.
  • Take liposomal colostrum, a great source of antibodies, growth factors, repair factors, immune messengers and stimulants.
  • Exercise moderately. Our bodies thrive with activity, but not necessarily marathons and extreme exertion.
  • Maximize oxygen delivery to your cells. Exercise, breath work, and eliminating toxins like smoking.
  • Balance your autonomous nervous system. Deep breathing, meditation, and nature.

Brad’s bonus tips:

  • Drink plenty of quality water. I like filtered or known source spring water.
  • Focus on eating mindfully, chewing slowly, and appreciating your foods. You will absorb more nutrients and need less food.
  • Hang out in nature.
  • Quality time with friends and family.
  • Spend time in high vibration states like play, love, and joy.
  • Reduce toxins in your water, food (sugar, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, alcohol, drugs), home*, and personal care products.*
  • Yes, there are toxins in many traditional personal care & cleaning products as you can discover with some research. But again, rather than being afraid of a toxin, germ, or virus, I’m simply suggesting to use as many healthy natural foods, personal care, and home products as possible.
  • Focus on creating health, not fighting Covid or any other disease.

Dr. Andrew summarizes by stating that if you choose to focus on this one virus and receive the vaccine, make sure it is well researched, safe, and contains no toxins harmful to the immune system or brain. I don’t know how you can do that. These “vaccines” are not traditional vaccines. More accurately, they are synthetic injections using a novel approach that is really gene therapy with you as the research. They were rushed to market with testing shortcuts, contain unknown ingredients, contamination issues, and potentially harmful side effects.

Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) in 1986, creating a no-fault compensation program to stabilize the vaccine market adversely affected by an increase in vaccine related lawsuits. The result is liability protection for corporations, and a streamlined avenue to seek damages. Last year, congress amended the PREP Act to shelter companies from lawsuits for damages caused by medical measures to treat Covid-19 which includes vaccines, therapeutics, and respirators. If vaccines are so safe, why do we need these laws to protect the corporations?

There is no pharmaceutical product or other intervention you can undertake that will guarantee an infection-free life. ~ Ray Andrew MD

For these and other reasons, I’m cautious about vaccines. If you care to learn more, the story behind vaccines offers a deep dive into the background, questions, limits, and potential hazards of vaccines with Dr. Lawrence Palevsky. Like me, he has gradually moved away from mainstream medical views by questioning, experimenting, and gaining first hand knowledge, not simply parroting what we are told by the media and medical industry (both of which are controlled by large powerful corporations).

I’m surprised by how many people I thought believed in holistic health who are now relying on mainstream medicine, media, and the hope for vaccines, masks, and sanitizer to protect them. Creating a vital healthy terrain is your best protection. And trusting yourself and life as working with you, not against you.

I offer these views in the sincere hope that you might explore alternative approaches to health that I know work from personal experience. This post has primarily explored the physical aspects of health. Our terrain is also impacted by mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects. This is why I oppose the lock downs. They have caused enormous financial, emotional, and social harm.

I hope you empower yourself with a healthy terrain.


114 thoughts on “The Terrain for Health

  1. Hurrah for this informative blog post, Brad! I was shocked (but given how another fossil fuel-driven economic juggernaut, the car industry, actively bought up streetcar systems and junked them in order to encourage more people to buy cars not TOO shocked) when I first learned about how other forms of medicine in the USA were shut down to allow allopathic medicine to reign supreme… I once wrote a song inspired by this topic called “The World WIthin” about the billions of cooperative beings which we host in our guts. We are all connected in profound ways, large and infinitesimal, to other beings here on planet earth.

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  2. Wow a wonderful and most needed post on the vaccination. All the politicians are wanting all of us to be guinea pigs and being dictators and randomly creating fear in the public and lockdowns where they are not wanted at all. The poor are suffering like anything, no food, no job, people are committing suicides. It is terrible, Brad. Your points of how to take care is so true and to keep positive in all this is the reality. You are looking nice, Brad.

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  3. Very true not so easy though for those that are used to blindly following what they are told but necessary for people to hear and hopefully seeds of growth can be planted … Loved Brads bonus tips 🌸

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  4. A loving perspective, thank you, Brad. What we focus on, we generate. 61…I would have said you were in your forties… The woman who comes to dance with you will discover many blessings. Xx ❤

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  5. Bravo, Brad. I’ve been practicing holistic medicine for over 30 years. And I’ve probably been to the doctor less than a dozen times in all that time, and then mostly it was just for obligatory tests for insurance that showed my health is excellent. It is disturbing how that law was amended to protect pharma and other companies, including employers who force their workers to be vaccinated.

    And the mask situation…we’ve had a mandate in Michigan for a year and one of the strictest lockdowns and lots of people have had the vaccine and yet, mysteriously we’re having another surge and some of the worst numbers in the country?! It’s insulting how stupid they think we are.

    You look fabulous, by the way! Enjoy that spring sunshine and fresh air, Brad.

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      • It doesn’t really bother me if others feel the need to get the vaccine. That’s their choice. I am, however, fed up with being treated with condescension and hostility by those who are blindly just doing what they’re told without question. I kept pretty quiet in the beginning out of fear of being called crazy, etc. But I no longer care. 😁

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  6. So agree with you Brad! Thank you for sharing this compassionate and thoughtful post that offers up other perspectives to at least consider. I feel that even if we have just a little curiosity, that little bit can go a long way. You look fantastic my friend! Sending lots of love and good wishes always.

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  7. Brad, thank you very much for share valious information, and incredible tips for keeping health.
    I am impressed by your age, you are very young, but you are definitely years swallowers.
    Congratulations! You are at the best age to enjoy your life, I wish that you soon find the love of your life, bevery happy. You deserve it!
    Keep save and best wishes.
    Sorry for my English.

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  8. “People are not being told how to boost their immune systems or create health. I believe our bodies are self healing and meant to thrive” – exactly agree with you Brad!! I truly loved the Brad’s bonus tips – we truly need to care for our whole human system as part of nature, so much is available for us to heal and thrive. Thank you for writing this post so clearly and thoughtfully.

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  9. Excellent! It’s nice to read articles and posts from real people who aren’t seduced by the fear perpetuated by mainstream.. well, everything nowadays. I wholeheartedly agree with every point you brought up. Knowledge is quite literally power. I’m one of those who won’t cower in fear or apologize for remaining natural. I have no use for “modern medicine”. And I, like you, am saddened by the sheer amount of people who refuse to think for themselves, even in such a day when so much information is readily available and our brains are right there waiting to be used. I know people always think I am much much younger than I am (and it frankly drives me nuts because I am treated as if I am very young and inexperienced HA!) but a relatively healthy lifestyle, being in nature, removing myself from unnecessary stress/busyness, and living a quiet minimalist life lends itself to health. For which I am immensely thankful for.

    Keep sharing the truth!!

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  10. Brad,
    I appreciate your thoughtfulness and the idea of creating health instead of fighting disease. How wonderful it would be to create more of that mindset. I respect what you shared and follow many of the same health tips. I also believe in vaccines. One wish I have is for more people to be able to listen to different perspectives. I love to hear what others think and I remain a curious learner. There is always something new to learn and I am grateful for that. I hope you will welcome my thoughts without judgement.
    Wishing you all good things,

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  11. Hi Brad,
    Great post! Boosting the immune system is the key! At this point I do believe the vaccine is beneficial to a lot people. I have chosen to take it, and have become more and more confident in my choice.
    I love that we can discuss our different, and not so different, opinions.
    Thank you for the great tips to boost the immune system. I love specially the one about removing toxins from out lives. I struggle with sugar. I know my life would be better without it 😦
    Blessings to you! ♥♥
    ps. 61 looks good on you!

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    • Thank you Ana. I appreciate that we can honor our different choices. The world needs more acceptance of differences while finding common ground and respect. I still eat sugar and other “toxic” foods, but overall make fairly healthy choices. 🙂

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  12. I’m happy you are doing well, Brad. I respect your opinion and you have lots of good advice. I am vaccinated against Covid and happy to be. As a holistic practitioner who does not have perfect health, this was a valid and appropriate response for me. I am not alone. Many of my colleagues feel the same way. There are many different opinions in the field. I wish you very well with your health. All my best wishes, Ka

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  13. Are you saying that there is research that demonstrates healthy terrain increases immunity to covid? I truly believe the methods you shared for maintaining health would help me beat covid, if I should get it. My concern would be if I were to become a carrier, especially if I didn’t even know it. I don’t think I could live with it if other people were made sick because of me.

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    • Hi Brad. Welcome and thanks for the thoughtful questions. I don’t know of specific research into covid and the terrain theory. I only know that building a healthy terrain helps build a healthy body and immune system. The best way to reduce your viral load (risk of exposing others) is probably to get the vaccine.

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  14. Am 💯 percent with you my friend. I have known about the germ theory and the US Pharma Mafia for ages. Bulk of humanity is media led and controlled and live in fear.

    I had written two years back – I Am a Happy Fruitarian. I am 72+ and with God’s grace very healthy.

    You are so right : Western conventional medicine thrives on Disease. They have no interest in keeping us healthy.

    I may reblog it or write about it one of these days.

    Congratulations for a beautiful and brave post

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  15. Hey Brad,

    First off, like so many things in this realm of duality in which live, I don’t believe this is an either-or sort of thing. I agree with you 100% it’s not just about germ theory, and I am frustrated beyond belief that basic natural alternatives such as you’ve described are not better-researched, or shared as part of our basic educational system.

    That said, I don’t believe modern medicine is evil, either. I think it’s easy for us to become convinced things are one way or the other, but I think these issues can be complicated and ultimately people need to do what they know in their heart is appropriate for them.

    The truth is that many of us are feeling vulnerable and uncertain, and that we are each a profoundly unique mix of past histories, present conditions, fears and hopes, etc. To say that one thing is the right and only thing for everyone is problematic I think. What we ultimately need is the empowerment of our own hearts and a trust in the notion that we can receive the help, guidance, and direction to make the choices that are best for us when we need them. For some, this picture will include mainstream medicine. For others, it will not. There’s no right or wrong in these choices, is all I’m trying to say.

    You wrote, They were rushed to market with testing shortcuts, contain unknown ingredients, contamination issues, and potentially harmful side effects. I have a friend who has a PhD in immunology and has worked in this field for a while. I asked him about some of these questions, and he told me that a big part of the reduced time-to-market for the vaccines is that there are fairly long waiting lists in the FDA and related regulatory agencies, and companies working on covid-19 vaccines got bumped to the top of the line after completing each stage of trials. That doesn’t, to my limited knowledge, mean they skipped essential stages in the trials. The technology they rolled-out (the mRNA approach) has also been in development for a long time I believe. Again, that doesn’t make it good, bad, appropriate for every individual, etc., but I think it’s not entirely accurate to assert that it was just one big corrupt snowball and no one knows what’s in it, etc.

    When we view everything from one side as bad or corrupt and everything from another as benevolent and good, it often means our emotions have been hi-jacked. What’s right for me personally, and for what I view as an appropriate response to the moment, doesn’t need to be another’s. I’m 100% for strengthening our own bodies. But I’m also for strengthening our connection the power of our heart, and our capability to listen to inner guidance, and what this looks like for anyone else is not something I can determine or judge.


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    • Thank you for your thoughtful response Michael. I actually agree with you and had realized before your comment that I didn’t address the idea of integrating all tools including Western medicine. What concerns me is how much the mainstream approach is marketed to the exclusion of alternatives, but no need for me to do the same! And I love your reminder to include our heart and intuition as to what is right for each of us. I alluded to that at the end of the post, but didn’t make it clear. And yes, making any approach (or person) wrong or evil doesn’t really serve the path of love and inclusion that I desire. Thank you for calling me on these oversights. Peace,

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      • Thank you, Brad, for this full-hearted reply! It’s kind of like there’s a time and a place for everything in a way. I can certainly relate to the concern you’ve expressed about one approach being touted to the detriment of the other and that is a problem we definitely agree about. I’ve got a family member with chronic Lyme disease and we’ve been to many alternative practitioners, often with good results at least in terms of helping keep the difficulties to a dull roar. The mainstream has little to offer us. The bad part is, to the very problem you’re speaking about, health insurance doesn’t cover alternative practitioners really… So I can easily become angry about this. But then I’ve also seen a few alternative practitioners take advantage of things with ridiculous mark-ups on supplements and recommendations, and when people are in pain and suffering, they’ll do a great deal to get out of it and that can be taken advantage of, by any party with a mind to. It’s why finding that anchor within ourselves is so important I think, and to know that the decisions we make after we’ve done our best to ascertain the path for us, is exactly right for us… That confidence can go a long way I think to the healing process as well. This is complicated stuff!


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  16. Really great post Brad. It is definitely food for thought as western medicine pushes drugs. I spent over 10 years with acupuncture for a variety of issues. The holistic approach appealed to me and the results were incredible. Even with that, it is a balancing act between approaches as meds are definitely needed at certain times. Awareness and openness to alternatives of a more natural approach are very important in my opinion.

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  17. Yeah…… Bravo……. Well said…. Love, love LOVE this post…. you approached this subject so well.. And yes so many whom I thought also were well versed in the Holistic and Spiritual, have succumbed to the fear of the narrative and taken the cocktail of goodness knows what in their veins.. Thinking this is their passport to freedom, and health… when in fact its the exact opposite.
    We take vit D high dosage good quality … It was as if our daughter knew, she runs a Health Food Store, and we were on Vit D a good 6 months before the outbreak..
    We grow our own food… We don’t use any chemicals in pesticides etc…. We get fresh air, out in nature. and drink good spring water.. I do not use toothpaste with Fluoride in it… A good video discussion here is well worth the watch on the subject of the Terrain Theory …. Loved your post Brad…
    Kudos to you my friend 💚🙏💛

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  18. I agree with a lot of what you say here and agree with your approach to health. However, do you not think there is still room for vaccines, masks, and sanitizer, alongside optimizing our own health? (Granted the focus of media, government policies and funding are not on the latter?)

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  19. Thank you for the extra info Brad. It is common sense and some much needed change of pace.
    I never see the notifications of boosting by more natural substances. But I’m guessing here, if not certified by or regulated by FDA then media/medical cannot really say anything without a lawsuit popping into their radar.

    Much thinking going on!
    Be well,

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  20. Yes the germ theory certainly made history, introducing an industry that took over our responsibility for taking care of our own health. Luckily I always felt there was something wrong with our health service! Good for fixing broken legs and fingers, but when it comes down to creating a wholesome Environment for our body/mind, its up to each person to eat fresh healthy food that nourish our microbiome and feed our army of good bacteria who take care of us AND being around positive and good kind people! So really when c o v i d struck last year I saw a plot behind it all to use the v a c c i n e. IAM with you on how surprised you are seeing so many spiritual and holistic people queuing up to receive this injection! There’s not many left of us… who they want to outcast but I trust after all this time on my journey, to hand in and everything will work out great! Thankyou so much Brad for doing your research and daring to share your views! As many people will rather follow the majority no matter what! Sending love and looking forward to reading more of your research! Barbara❤️

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  21. Great article. Health is wealth. I do everything I can to preserve mine through a holistic lifestyle (although I do believe in conventional medicine/treatments when it makes sense). So far so good.
    P.S. The covid-vaccine made sense to me, so I got my first shot last week to protect myself and others. I told my body it was going to meet a tricky stranger, but I trusted it would handle it and grow stronger.

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  22. Yes, yes, yes!!! If only more people did their research instead of blinding following false directions and mainstream misinformation. This whole scenario has all been orchestrated, by fear and control. It’s never been about protecting our health otherwise, as you said, they’d be telling us how to boost our immune system. But love will win. Thank you for sharing this truth Brad. 🙏

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  23. Well said and I think the “EXTENDED EPIDEMIOLOGAL TRIAD” focussing on group characteristics rather than host; on cultural, social and economic factors more than just environment; and on the causative factors rather than just the agent of a disease is a more practical and visionary approach to control diseases epidemiologically.

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  24. It’s amazing to think that some people that express these views will have their posts suppressed by some mainstream media and social media platforms. Just to question certain types of vaccines nowadays is perceived as ‘dangerous think’, yet neglect to focus on other options that might be more beneficial for some people.

    Vaccines have their place, I just don’t believe they should be the only option for people to be allowed to take off their masks. I’m pretty fortunate, living in New Zealand, we don’t have the same push to vaccinate like other countries. Like with most things, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons, talk with you doctor, do the research, and focus on a healthy lifestyle that could reduce the risk of contracting diseases in the first place.

    There are some doctors in America that are doing antibody boosters, along with several other medications that have proven to be far more effective than the vaccines, yet they have not been reported about. Which seems that the vaccine issue is more of a political one, rather than just a health one.

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    • Thanks for the kind and thoughtful comments Sharlene. Yes, it seems the push for vaccines is political along with deeper agendas by the powerful. Thankfully there are options and we each must choose what we believe is best. Thanks for visiting and reaching out, Brad


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