Autumnal Reflections

Autumnal Reflections

autumn, reflections


trees glow with color

a season of transition

hope and love abound


autumn, reflections


We are on the verge of great change in our country right now. Besides the obvious change in the US elections, many of my friends are undergoing transitions large and small. I’m following the trend, having found a new job last month. I start this week and bought a newer car suitable for driving around all day. I’ll be installing and servicing caption phone systems for people with hearing loss. I’m excited to have a job that allows me to be in service and earn a decent living doing something that I feel good about. I’m grateful to let go of my survival job and attitude. I pray that President Biden can harness the feelings of hope pervading much of the country to make good on his intentions to heal and unite our country. We certainly need to heal the many rifts around race, politics, social justice, gender, environment, and more. I remain cautiously hopeful for our country. I believe Joe Biden to be a man of good character and intentions. I also believe our political system is broken and in need of major changes starting with things like repealing Citizen’s United, term limits, canceling lifetime salaries and benefits to politicians, removing corporate control, and returning power to the people.

Meanwhile, I’m excited about my new job, new car, new President, and the feeling of hope. May we be gracious and compassionate with our neighbors who have different beliefs, politics, race, religion, and background.

reflections, autumn

Happy Autumn!Β 

63 thoughts on “Autumnal Reflections

  1. I agree with the part about needing change and having hope. The TRUTH will come out in the end. FIRM BELIEVER in there’s a reason for everything, especially every person who crosses my path. So let’s walk this road together and see what evolves over the next months, the next years. Good luck at your new job! One Love!

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  2. Hi my friend, I am so happy for you, your country, and indeed the world as to this new sign of hope and restart! Finally some light on the collective horizon. Congrats on your new job also, very happy to hear you have found a job that resonates with you πŸ™‚ And the photos and haikou are delightful, as always. Thank you, Brad! Def also going through the transitions-stuff…there must be something in the air! Big hugs

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  3. Brad,
    Congratulations on your new job! That is wonderful news. This is a time of transition for our country. It will take all of us to come together in listening and action to make changes for the better.
    I too have gathered much joy from the Autumn leaves. Thanks for your photos.
    Take care,

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  4. I’m so happy for your new changes – new job and newer car. Is the phone system for cell phone? What a great purpose of your services. I’m also hopeful for our country. The pressing matter at hand is to develop the vaccine for the virus, facing it objectively rather than denying it. This monster won’t fade away by itself.
    I love the fall colors. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your new job, Brad.

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  5. Congratulations on the new job, Brad. It’s a time of transition for many. I’ve also just made a huge career change. Yes, time to break out of survival mentality.πŸ™‚ A continued happy Autumn to you!

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  6. Brad, I am SO happy for you. You deserve every blessing imaginable. For the first time in 4 years, I have hope for the future and believe positive change and equality for all is not only possible but imminent. Take good care and stay safe! ❀️

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  7. Love that you have found a job in service Brad, And I expect you get to meet many people too with your job.. and love the fact at last I am catching up with your posts..
    Yes Great Changes, and some unexpected ones on the horizon I feel.. ‘Autumn Reflections; may well span into Winter and Spring….. But what ever happens in the changes… I know all was meant to be..

    love your image too Brad… love the colourful leaves. πŸ™‚ floating in the water….. May we all continue within the flow.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™πŸ’–


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