Soulful Waters

Soulful Waterssoul, reflections, poetry


autumn reflections

sweet waters to calm your mind

bridges to the soul


Being near water always soothes my soul, whether a river, lake or ocean. Then add the extra beauty of fall colors, reflections on water, and something magical happens. The colors this year have been extra vivid, bringing out the richness of the autumn season. Even though I’ve been working a lot, the few moments I’ve been outdoors have been very nourishing to my body, mind, and soul. I’m grateful for nature’s ever-changing bounty and beauty.

autumn, reflections,

May they nourish your soul.Ā 


46 thoughts on “Soulful Waters

  1. Brad I loved the peace this post created and your wonderful images, Water is so cleansing and recharges our batteries as it energises us, we are after all made up with the majority of water parts.. šŸ˜€ Autumn this year seems to have been more magnificent than ever.. ā¤ and its good to get away in nature even for a short while.. It brings us back into balance.. ā¤ šŸ™‚ I feel refreshed after my own time away from technology.. ā¤

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  2. I love it so much, Brad! I love that you embrace the Haiku as you pair it with incredible photos and the truth of your soul feel so much more free to me!
    I know you said you are working more…but it seems that almost helps us realize how special it is to be able to be out in nature and to feel such Grace!
    Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with good times and good friends.
    I’ve missed you…but always sent good energy when I thought about you šŸ˜
    Enjoy this weekend!

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