Howling of the Chimera

My muse is missing and I haven’t been inspired to write much lately. Hopefully, my liege finds Muse Brad and this scary tale can be revived.

Happy Haunting and Hunting!

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Howling of the Chimerasunset, haunting, chimera

Halloween seems like the perfect time to start this desert adventure. Beware the lost souls on this dark holiday aka All Hallows Eve. Here is a brighter take on Halloween called Hallowed or Harrowing reminding us that choice is the magic key to life. Or my last year’s ode to Halloween called Haunted or Hallowed.


It was a dark and mysterious night. The sun had long since set over the barren desert. The full moon was just rising over the distant mountains, giving the night an eerie feeling, compounded by a strange quiet. Not even the night creatures were stirring. Meanwhile, the desert chimera stalked its prey, moving quietly across the desert sands. In fact, none could see or hear the movement such was his stealth as the chimera moved unheard and unseen like a shadow across the dark landscape.

Chimera Soulfire was in search of the…

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37 thoughts on “Howling of the Chimera

  1. A cool re-blog, Brad. Maybe your muse ran off with my mojo… (I’ve always said I don’t seem to have a “muse” like other writers talk about. So I have my mojo — or at least I had it.) I hope those two are having a grand time and come back soon to tell us about it. Happy Halloween hugs!

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  2. Hi Brad, what an awesome, awesome, awesome Halloween-story! I loved it! Evil faeries, soul-swallowers, and a loyal liege… you really captivated me with your fantastic and spooky tale! Thanks for this Halloween treat my friend, and may your muse find her way back to you in divine timing:) Hugs

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