Skeletal Remains

Skeletal Remains

A neighbor’s Halloween decorations.


all hallows day approaches

celebrating saints and sinners

martyrs fighting for the winners

a sense of dread growing

strange lanterns glowing

offerings of tricks and treats

a shuffling of patron’s seats

as buried skeletons emerge

along with a wailing dirge

rousing all your fears

grown ripe with the years

casting a magic spell

to purge your living hell


SpellΒ andΒ Treat are this week’s prompt words for Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Poetry Challenge. Each week Colleen posts two prompt words to be used to create a poem but using synonyms for the two words. I didn’t use synonyms or the suggested poetry forms, maybe I’m under a spell, but offer up my haunted verse in honor of Halloween. If you’d like a lighter take on Halloween, here is a poem I wrote last year called Haunted Spells.

May your muse be happy, your spells loving, and your heart full.

Happy Halloween!






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