Healing Harmonies

Healing Harmonies

Image by Michael Seibt on Pixaby


Here are my contributions to Colleen’s lastest weekly poetry challenge using the photo prompt above. I decided to write both a tanka poem and a short story. If you’re inspired to play along, here is the link with instructions and suggestions.Β  Happy writing.


melancholy notes

vibrated the forest air

with hypnotic chords

awaken weary heartstrings

igniting a dance of love


Freaky Fairy Finds Friend


Dariela never fit in well with others. It’s hard being the love child of a fairy mother (Maumee) and an alien father. Dariela’s father (Orion from Delta X) was visiting the earth to see if there were any humans or other intelligent species alive after the great climate collapse. He was a researcher, scientist, and lover of exploring new worlds. Since he looks like an upright insect with large tentacles and spindly limbs, most people (and fairies) avoided him. Instead, Maumee’s innate curiosity and compassionate won out. Believing that he was some strange byproduct of the climate collapse, Maumee wanted to help and learn more. Gradually, they learned to communicate and began to learn about each other and their cultures. Their friendship grew into love and the result was Dariela.

Unfortunately, even after the collapse, most people were afraid of people and creatures that are different from what they know. Eventually, Orion had to leave for his next rescue mission, and Maumee decided to raise Dariela in the hidden fairy realms where communion with nature was still alive if not thriving. Having the earth almost destroyed left most of the elves and fairies living simpler lives, focused on restoring nature and the subtle connections with the forest. Daily living was a challenge, but the earth and forest gradually began to restore themselves, especially with compassionate leaders who understood the appropriate role of intelligent species was to protect, not plunder, the earth.

Feeling sad and alone, Dariela decided to play her flute. After a while, she noticed a black python slither up the fallen tree where she sat playing her music. Darth was fascinated by this lonely child playing sad melodies. They spoke to each other in the language of vibration. His movements perfectly tuned to Dariela’s melancholy notes. They began a dance of love that transcended age and species. Creatures began to trust humans once again. As they learned to work symbiotically, the planet and the forest thrived, once again becoming the heaven it was meant to be.

May we learn to dance in harmony using our talents and treasures for the good of all.Β 


49 thoughts on “Healing Harmonies

  1. i so so LOVE this brad, as you likely already knew i would πŸ˜‰ the poem and story are so beautiful and perfect for the image. i have to agree, although you may not think it’s your best story, this one really is wonderful and reflects innocence, purity, imagination, and love. i love that you let it flow and from there sweetness arose. could be a children’s story for children and adults alike ❀

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  2. Lovely reflections on what is possible when we live in harmony with all life, Brad. I agree it is important that we recover not only a respect for the world around us, but a creative relationship with it…


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  3. Love how you enlivened this picture with your poem and your short story! The name Dariela just struck me as so beautiful. Your strong desire for harmony and writing it into our imaginations is part of making it happen! Maumee and Orion might not have had ever-lasting love, but a special connection! I’m left wondering more about these fairies and alien.

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  4. Brad, this was a very deep profound story that holds many hidden truths weaved within its lines.. I loved your story my friend… May we all learn to live in harmony and balance and work in love with each other and nature.
    Lovely poem also my friend… ❀

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