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Melancholy Moments

Melancholy Moments ~ hazy mist conceals dark melancholy moments hidden dangers lurk ~ cloudy perspectives landscapes shrouded in gray fog time to look within ~ This is my contribution to Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday with the image and Sue Vincent’s haiku as prompt.¬† #TankaTuesday, #MelancholyMusings

Skeletal Remains

Skeletal Remains ~ all hallows day approaches celebrating saints and sinners martyrs fighting for the winners a sense of dread growing strange lanterns glowing offerings of tricks and treats a shuffling of patron’s seats as buried skeletons emerge along with a wailing dirge rousing all your fears grown ripe with the years casting a magic…

Timeless Dance of Love

Timeless Dance of Love ~ wings embrace the sky instinct moving wings through air the heron takes flight in a timeless dance of love life’s majesty on display ~

spring, sing, poetry

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine ~ fading frost and cold birds announce their sheer delight farewell to winter early flowers bursting forth marks the season of rebirth ~ This is my entry for Colleen’s latest #Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge. The idea is to create a poem (in any form) using synonyms for the two words Spring and Sing.…

Natural State

Natural State ~ moss covered rocks scraggy oak trees, limestone bluffs fresh running rivers some of my favorite things found in the natural state ~   The nickname for Arkansas is the Natural State due to its scenic beauty, abundant wildlife, forests, and clear rivers and lakes. The rugged Ozarks are filled with craggy limestone…

Halloween, poetry, Tanka

Haunted Spells – #TankaTuesday

Haunted Spells ~ warlocks and witches possessed with potent powers casting magic charms if perchance you fall astray call the love inside to play ~ I had so much fun last week with Colleen’s weekly Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge that I decided to play along again. This week’s prompt is to write a poem using…

Halloween poetry, haiku

Hollow Ghosts- #TankaTuesday

  Hollow Ghosts ~ phantoms out to play haunting and hunting lost souls vacuous specters ~ This is my ghoulish offering for Halloween and Collen’s #TankaTuesday poetry challenge. This week her challenge words are Ghost and Hollow. The challenge is to write a poem with synonyms of those words in classic forms like haiku, tanka,…

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Autumn Glory

Autumn Glory Today, I offer a haiku and a tanka to celebrate the glories of autumn in the Rocky Mountains. ~ aspens glowing bright mountains ablaze with color¬† pathways to heaven ~ hiking the Rockies forest aflame with yellows evergreens contrast craggy mountains standing proud a rich tribute to autumn ~ Clearly, I’m missing the…