Hunger Games

Hunger Games

~hunger, fire, rebirth, poetry

the hunger burns

and must be fed

devouring all in its path

irreverent to rules and norms

it consumes indiscriminately

killing all life in its path

beware the hunger


I just finished reading the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzane Collins. I enjoyed the engaging characters and storyline. Suzane weaves a captivating story based on a dark future vision of earth that is not hard to imagine. We, humans, seem bent on killing each other and the world around us in our endless wars, consumption, and power struggles. For me, the hunger could be war, fire, consumption, ego, or competition. The books offer a poignant exploration of whether will we can evolve beyond killing and hurting each other.

What do you think? Will we ever evolve beyond killing and fear-based living?


29 thoughts on “Hunger Games

  1. Seems like a hard nut to crack! I am witnessing 1/2 our population progressing forward in consciousness and the other 1/2 appears stuck, unable to free itself from its own destructive mindset. The media driven propaganda is keeping this dynamic alive unfortunately. We need a concrete way to get the truth to people and awaken their minds before we can even think about changing what we are doing. It is a long process. I have watched it since 2012…I keep hoping though. The secret is getting our own lives in order first! VK 🙂

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  2. Its hard to say Brad.. My Son encouraged me by lending me the DVDs of Hunger Games.. Not my usual film watch.. But the more I watched the more I saw how the world is heading in that direction.. We may think it fiction but Control comes from those holding the power at the top of their ‘Rose’ coloured towers’

    I thought your poem so well thought out Brad.. It said so much in those few lines..
    Wishing you a Great Day.. ❤

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  3. For me, the question is whether we can evolve quickly enough. I have faith in our genius as a species but we will not survive unless we cultivate the use of reason and use reason when making decisions that affect our ability to survive on this planet. Thank you for the post.

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  4. Your poem is perfect for the Hunger Games…read the books before the movies came out…gives one pause for thought that’s for sure! Would like to believe we aren’t headed in that direction, but nothing would surprise me…

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  5. I agree with Visionkeeper. I see a dichotomy in our society reflected in the major political parties in the US and The Hunger Games dystopia. Our mainstream media feeds on polarization and controversy like a diet of junk food which it sends out into the world. That’s why I appreciate your Awesome Stories and try to share good news stories to send out ripples of hope. I have not read the Hunger Games books, but have seen the movies. At least they are designed to get us to cheer for the rebels. I hope we can take dystopian stories as warnings and not the inevitable.

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  6. Great poem and spot-on question! I’ve spent the last year diving into and examining the series and there is always so much more to learn! All we can do about the future is hope and put or trust in someone greater than us.

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