Awesome Stories 1.30

Let’s start our Awesome Stories with some fun and games!

How would you like to add 10 years to your life?SuperBetter logo

Learn how with Jane McGonigal and her TedTalk. The key is to develop your mental, physical, emotional and social skills for resiliency. As a gamer who suffered a concussion with a hard recovery, she researched health and how games might help people get better. Then she developed a fun game called SuperBetter that helps people achieve their health goals. Now she is on a quest to use games to help solve the world’s problems asking “what if we could harness gamer power to solve real world problems?”

Want to help solve hunger?

Bay area teenager, Kiran Sridhar, has created a clever way to utilize excess food in California to help feed the hungry. His Waste No Food program links farmers and restaurants with extra food to charities to give out food to the hungry in Silicone Valley. He started it when he realized there were so many hungry people in the bread basket of America. As many people know the problem is more one of distribution of food rather than a shortage of food. This paradox has inspired many folks including Kiran and the Hunger in California.

The Love Diet

This is an awesome post with simple eating wisdom as opposed to all the crazy diets that people try. Kute Blackson suggests how to change our relationship to food with this simple idea. Love your food! “Don’t try to follow someone else’s diet. Instead, feel into and find what most authentically works for you and your body type rather than trying to fit your body into a preset plan.” I couldn’t agree more! Here are my Top 7 Healthy Habits.

Prepare to laugh, cry and be inspired!

Brendon Burchard shares a video story of how one woman learned to speak up for herself. One of the most touching stories and presentations that I’ve seen. Enjoy!

Seaweed House?

Using seaweed as a building material sounds awesome from an environmental perspective, but not if it smells like some seaweed I’ve encountered on the beach! Check out the awesome pictures and benefits! From the Danish architect Jørgen Søndermark, “It reproduces itself every year in the sea, it comes ashore without any effort from humans, and it is dried on nearby fields by sun and wind,” he continued. “It insulates just as well as mineral insulation, it is non-toxic and fireproof, and it has an expected life of more than 150 years!” This article almost makes me want to try it!

A Radical New Vision for Farming.

mini- farmery

Mini-Farmery, photo source; © The Farmery

Dan Greene wants to transform the way we grow and sell food. He wants to see many smaller hands-on grocery outlets where the food is grown on site in trailers! Check out this wild post and video on The Farmery and Mini-Farmery.

Give, Receive and Dance!

Nipun Mehta gave an inspiring graduation speech to the students of Harker. He talks about our uniquely paradoxical times filled with blessings and abundance, yet facing some of the greatest challenges ever by humans. What’s the solution? He believes it lies in tapping our inner capacities for service and connection. His ideas come from starting and growing it into one of  the best examples of the new gift economy.

May you give, receive and dance in an endless circle of celebrating life. Awesome!

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