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Hunger Games

Hunger Games ~ the hunger burns and must be fed devouring all in its path irreverent to rules and norms it consumes indiscriminately killing all life in its path beware the hunger ~ I just finished reading the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzane Collins. I enjoyed the engaging characters and storyline. Suzane weaves a captivating…

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Building Bridges of Compassion

Be a blessing to others by building bridges of compassion. Children who develop strong, caring relationships with all the people and living things around them will be more grounded and ultimately more prepared to function in, and meaningfully contribute to, an increasingly complex society. – Mark Sorensen  These are simple, yet profound ideas. The world has…

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Lay Down Your Words

Lay Down Your Words ~ assign the label and divide make sure to bash the other side the battle lines are drawn hate rages from dusk to dawn when egos and emotions are enraged hearts are usually disengaged ~ lay down your ego, hurt and belief open your mind and heart to relief see your…

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Vote for Love

Vote for Love ~ what are you voting for fear and division or love and inclusion releasing the need to judge beyond ideas of right and wrong I’ll meet you there where we become one in mind and heart a beautiful tapestry of human diversity singing the songs of family ~ May you vote for…

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Ancient Sentinels

Ancient Sentinels ~ the ancients are here watching for signs of wisdom will love or fear rule ~ This photo from Cindy Knoke looks like an alien world but is actually Arches National Park in Utah. You can explore more beautiful landscapes on Cindy’s post called Sedna. Beauty, light, darkness, mystery and change all exist in…

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Haunted or Hallowed?

Haunted or Hallowed ~ hateful warlords corporate mouthpieces media hysteria fearful mobs endless wars systemic poverty climate crisis ~ connections life and death opportunities hidden in challenges will we divide in fear or unify in love choices are looming the time is now hallowed be thy name ~ All Saints’ Day, aka All Hallows’ Day, All…

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Pools of Love

Pools of Love your eyes speak of endless depths reflecting beauty beyond this place gazing into them I lose myself in fathomless pools of love ~ radiant beauty dancing with life love seeping from your soul every word, gesture and touch pulsing with vibrant life ~ new to such power and vulnerability my ego pulls…

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Rushing Rivers

Rushing Rivers fast flowing currents mind and body tossed about heart knows to let go ~ fear dragging me down gasping for air I gulp and surrender to love ~ Our normally meandering creeks have turned into roaring rivers. We’ve already had 7″ of rain for May when we usually have about 3.2″ for the…

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Pomp and Posturing

Pomp and Posturing   ~ Act 1 – roused who dares enter my domain offering your advice in vain beware when venturing this way I’ll huff and puff to keep you away ~ Act 2 – revealed little man with big voice revealed hidden fears concealed don’t worry, he’s like a small dog yapping at the…

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Fearful Daggers

Fearful Daggers     I close my eyes fear seeps into my dreams grabs my heart and rips ~ confidence lost in a flash vanished with the light a thief in the night