Awesome Stories 356

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Awesome Stories focuses on love this week.

21 Life Lessons

Reading the intro to this article, I thought the advice might be irrelevant, but I was pleasantly surprised. The lessons invite us to look at life and relationship in new ways based on love, trust, patience, connection, and cooperation. These 21 lessons on leadership are incredibly insightful and universal for life and relationship. Frédéric Pignon is a gifted horseman known for his breathtaking performances with fiery horses. Frédéric and his wife, Magali Delgado, travel the world performing and offering dressage clinics. You can watch one of his touching performances below.

Planting Trees to Save the Planetplanting saplings, Awesome Stories

Shyam Sundar Jyani, an associate professor at Government Dungar College, believes we can save the planet by planting simple saplings. He just might be right. What started as a simple college project to save some fruit trees became a movement across India. Shyam and his volunteers have been planting trees across their region for 11 years now. Family Forestry is his term for families planting a fruit tree in their yard or lot and treating it as a valued family member because it will provide them food and shade for generations to come if cared for properly. Along with clever grafting ideas that created better harvests with less water, they have helped transform an arid, treeless environment into a vital landscape filled with trees and economic activity. Jyani has even funded the project all these years from his own pocket, hoping to spread the gift of love with trees. Read this article called One Sapling at a Time on Better India for the rest of the story!

Love Liberates

Only from the heart can you touch the sky. ~ Rumi

Watch this touching video about love by Maya Angelou. In this heartfelt tribute, Maya Angelou celebrates her mother and the gift of love. She beautifully describes how her mother taught her that love liberates while ego grasps. By allowing Maya to go and come as she pleased from their home, she found her own way in life. At the end of her mother’s life, Maya was able to return the gift of love to set her mother free. Some of us haven’t received the gift of unconditional love. We struggle to learn love and acceptance on our own. If you’re lucky enough to have been truly loved by someone who believes in us completely like Maya’s mother, then you are truly blessed.

May we learn to live and lead from love.


26 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 356

  1. Food for thought, wonderful idea to focus our attention on love and relationships this month, sometimes we get so preoccupied with ourselves and our own set of priorities, that we forget all those around us near and far who contribute to our well-being. Thanks again Brad for another thought provoking post. Great videos too!

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  2. Oh my goodness Brad. I am still wiping tears from Maya Angelou’s wonderful video story about her mother.. Such a wonderful woman Maya.. And it brought back memories of when I told my Dad in his last moments it was ok to leave us, we would be fine..

    The horse video. Just outstanding and I watched memorised .. Just beautiful trust and work between man and horse..
    And the tree planting we should all go plant a tree.. ❤

    Have a beautiful weekend to come Brad.. wonderful Awesomeness this week.. 😀 Love and Hugs my friend ❤

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  3. Maya can teach us all a lot about unconditional love, horses too for that matter and we experience along our journey, more and more pure love that makes up for early years and can now pass it on to others who are just now awakening… to feel the presence of love. Much love, barbara x

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