Awesome Stories 331

This week Awesome Stories brings you the dark side, problems of capitalism, horse whispering, and lessons from the garden.

The Dark Side

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. ~ Carl Jung

Mostly I agree with Doc in this post about the pitfalls of calling yourself a lightworker. Much like chasing happiness, we don’t grow the light by chasing it, but by shining it into the dark. Doc makes some good points about our tendency to avoid the dark and challenges, thinking that by focusing on the positive, we are growing the light. Too often we’re running from our pain. I’ve done that for big chunks of my life and it doesn’t work. Yes, we can and should bring our light into the world. Doc doesn’t address how focusing too much on our pain, we can get lost there, and focusing too much on the light can become avoidance. The middle path seems to be embracing all of life, looking for the value in everyone and everything.

The Problems of Capitalism

This article proposes that capitalism may be the core problem. This past Presidential election brought to light how broken our current system is. I would love to see a total reform of our economic and political systems. Currently, they are too dominated by big money and the constant push for profits above all else. This has led to a growing economic divide between the rich and poor, a dominance of corporate control in our lives, and the destruction of nature. At the roots of most of the world’s problems is our capitalistic system. We need a new system that more fairly benefits all people and the planet. Some of the possibilities are; making health care and education social benefits, sharing the planet’s resources, universal basic income, and gift economies. Do you have any great ideas?

Horse Whispering

I was very moved by this video from Red Earth Studio about Jean François Pignon and his relationship to his horses. The Horse Whisperer is a short film about Jean, who began his love affair with horses as a teenager, captivated by a white horse named Gazelle. I sensed an amazing love and affinity in his treatment of the horses. It was surprising to see some people upset because of the stick he’s holding and making assumptions about him dominating or mistreating the horses. I see only love in this video. How about you?

Lessons from the Gardenmindful eating, Awesome Stories

This article offers a beautiful review of master chef Jeong Kwan. She is revered for her cooking, but her priority is Buddhism, as she helps people be mindful with their food. Jeong reminds us that the best food and cooking comes from an intimate connection with our food. Her sense of reverence and connection is inspiring. She considers her plants as children and her gardens a playground! Unlike most cooking, this Korean temple approach aims for non-attachment, not the craving of food. After eating, the author describes an unusual mix of fullness and lightness. You consume this food for clarity, nourishment, and connection. I admire their simplicity, reverence, and dedication.

May we live in peaceful connection with our food, fellow humans, and planet. Peace out, Brad 


32 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 331

  1. Wonderful stories. I love the mindful chef. lol. And capitalism. Whewee! That one. Maybe you shared this or maybe I read it elsewhere, but there’s an “experimental society” out there somewhere where they don’t have money or currency. It’s all give and take. Always love these. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  2. Reblogged this on Anything is Possible! and commented:
    I find this week’s Awesome Stories intriguing. The horse whisperer video took me back to why I’ve always been drawn to horses. When I was in my early twenties, I had a horse of my own for about a year. She was a tall, grey roan and a little high strung like I was then. It was a time of confusion for me, so I did not give her the kind of calmness we see in the video, yet there was something about her power that that gave me a touch of stability and focus that I desperately needed at that time.

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  3. Loved your subjects this week Brad.. An interesting read and some nifty artwork on the Doc’s post of the pitfalls of calling yourself a lightworker..
    I think like in all things there should be balance.. You cannot hide from the negative stuff, but you can try to project your light into it..
    This balancing can be difficult especially when we are sensitive..
    Most of us who have come through our tunnels of darkness, know only too well the pitfalls.. So we try to focus on love and light..

    I love your paragraph on the probs of capitalism.. How that system will come about? When most of the corporate world is only interested in profit margins and the environment or the people’s health issues as a result.. I would love someone to come up with some good ideas
    Renewable energy costs for one I feel are being kept high.. Solar panels I know could help reduces our carbon footprint.. Not to mention if we all went Veggie LOL.. In the Cowspiracy .. Statistics. 😉

    I have yet to savour the video Brad, but once I have I will be sure to let you know my thoughts. Now off to take a look at the Horse Whisperer..

    Wishing you a Peaceful weekend.. Sue 🙂 💚😊

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  4. Loved that video Brad.. I loved it when he said that “you could argue that Humans are more intelligent.. But then humans lie to each other.. An amazing video.. And yes horse have a wonderful Spirit and grace.. And I have long admired them..
    A wonderful share Brad.. Thank you

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  5. The controversy about the horse whisperer having a stick reminds me about the ongoing controversy surrounding dog mushing. I grew up very involved with many of the Iditarod dog mushers in Alaska and those dogs are the most cared for and well loved dogs on the planet. They love to run and they love their owners. Yet people continue to cry out about how mistreated they are. Perceptions often come from lack of knowledge. I’m guessing it is the same for the horse whisperer.

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  6. The system sure is broke Brad. When you look at it analogous to owning a home. You can’t keep robbing Peter to pay paul or put off till tomorrow what needs to be done today. One thing we learned in our field of work was its always hard to turn a yes to a no but a no to a yes can be done gradually. We are so immediate results based because our society promotes it that we don’t want to wait.

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  7. I watched the horse whisperer video. I think we are all capable of “whispering” but it takes mindful presence and listening and stillness and patience. The world and its creatures are more available to us than we are to them, our consciousness closed off to the fact that we are part of this world rather than apart from it. Beautiful film.

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  8. Another series of thought provoking articles….you are so right that if we are not shining our light into the darkness….what good is the light doing…also love the Horse Whisperer video…animals can sense so much about us…we just need to open ourselves up to them….another great post!!

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