Cranky Casting Call

The Cranky Muse aka Mr. Cranky aka Muse Brad has made an ultimatum. If I want his writing services, then I need to find a woman for us. One of Mr. Cranky’s complaints was the lack of female companionship. We seem to be suffering from a loss of nurturing, connection, and inspiration. He would put…

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Be My Valentine

  Be My Valentine ~ exquisite feelings explode rushing through my being delightful smells linger the musky scent of desire pleasure traversing my body alluring attractions arise with bonds of love and lust life without you unfathomable our hearts entwined epic love or addiction pass the chocolate ~ Happy Valentine’s My Sweet!  🙂

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Awesome Stories 356

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Awesome Stories focuses on love this week. 21 Life Lessons Reading the intro to this article, I thought the advice might be irrelevant, but I was pleasantly surprised. The lessons invite us to look at life and relationship in new ways based on love, trust, patience, connection, and cooperation. These 21…