Peaceful Waters

Peaceful Waterspeace, water, poetry


 the sun fades away

glowing over still waters

peace fills the valley


This was a grand sunset over the White River where I lived briefly in 2016. Living with Steven on the lake was a wonderful opportunity to watch the sunsets as a routine to appreciate and give thanks for each day. There were so many peaceful and awe-filled moments on the river. Thank you Steven for sharing your heart, your home, and the gifts of nature. May peaceful waters fill your week!


33 thoughts on “Peaceful Waters

  1. How beautiful…and how wonderful to make it a daily practice to be grateful for each day!! I know I have gone a little off-track lately and gotten caught up in fear…and doubt…and how can I possibly do it!! Thanks for the message to go back to simple things…go back to living in the moment and being grateful!! Blessitude, my friend ❤

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