Mossy Mounds

Mossy Moundsmoss, Ozarks, poetry


hills worn smooth by time

limestone mounds covered in green

make mossy marvels


I’ve grown to love the subtle beauty of the Ozark Mountains. The Ozarks are the exposed remains of an ancient mountain range hundreds of millions of years old. They were birthed by seismic upheaval and shaped by time and vast inland seas during prehistoric times. Additionally, vast tracks of land sit on what is called the Ozark Plateau, which are limestone plateaus eroded into hills, valleys, and bluffs by water, but are not true mountains.

ozark limestones

Many of these exposed limestone rocks are covered in moss, fungi, and lichen. Moss are simple and ancient plants (with stems and roots) that have remained the same for millions of years. Lichens are two organisms – a fungus and an algae – living together in a symbiotic relationship. They survive by absorbing nutrients from their host which can be trees, plants, or rocks. In fact, the rocks in the photo above are covered in moss with some lichen too. It’s a mixed-up menagerie in these Ozark hills!


34 thoughts on “Mossy Mounds

    • You’re most welcome Brooke. It was a long hard transition having traveled the country and lived in Boulder where beauty was so dramatic and obvious. I’ve gradually learned to find it in the small simple things (nature, people, food, etc.). Thanks for noticing. 🙂

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