Natural State

Natural Statenature, Arkansas, poetry


moss covered rocks

scraggy oak trees, limestone bluffs

fresh running rivers

some of my favorite things

found in the natural state

~Buffalo River


The nickname for Arkansas is the Natural State due to its scenic beauty, abundant wildlife, forests, and clear rivers and lakes. The rugged Ozarks are filled with craggy limestone formations, old mountains, abundant oak trees, scenic rivers, and chicken farms (but that is another story!). I have slowly fallen in love with the diverse terrains of Arkansas. We are blessed with the Buffalo River, the first designated National River in the United States. But we don’t have the grand vistas of the Southwest, Colorado, or Northwest US. It took me many years to let go of the comparison to those grand views and learn to enjoy the simple beauty, often found in the small details of nature and life.

May your week be full of simple beauty. 


31 thoughts on “Natural State

  1. Arkansas is incredibly beautiful. Growing up I had an aunt and uncle in Hot Springs….we would go down (from Iowa) every other year and traveled all over the state. Love it! I think there is incredible beauty in nature in almost every local…even a desert has it’s own unique beauty. Great post Brad!

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