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Mossy Mounds

Mossy Mounds ~ hills worn smooth by time limestone mounds covered in green make mossy marvels ~ I’ve grown to love the subtle beauty of the Ozark Mountains. The Ozarks are the exposed remains of an ancient mountain range hundreds of millions of years old. They were birthed by seismic upheaval and shaped by time…

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Fairy Fun

Fairy Fun ~ lush lichen mounds the perfect dance grounds the diva is away it’s time to play grab the honey cider fling your partner wider a grand autumn fest time to play and jest ~ Happy Autumn from the Ozark Fairies, distant cousins to the Desert Chimeras!    

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Lichen Yew

Lichen Yew ~ fungus and algae symbiotic relations glowing in the sun ~ I love how this lichen is almost a neon color and glowing in the sunshine. It almost looks painted on the tree. Some people dislike lichen on trees and believe that it is a sign of poor tree health. The science I…