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Musing for Moka

  Musing for Moka  Thanks to Diana for the nudge to go looking for my missing muse. She and her muse have a tortuous relationship, which apparently works well for both of them. Her mercenary muse is a foul smelling hunk with serious control issues. May your relationship be long and ornery! If you want…

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Monsters in the Moss

Monsters in the Moss ~ monsters in the moss creatures lurking in the grass silken hideaways imagination run wild dreams to pass the time of day ~ I love the variety of colors, textures, and plants in this corner of the woods. Looking at the image later, I saw what appeared to be two creatures…

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Mushroom Musings

Mushroom Musings ~ mushrooms glowing in the shade psychedelic colors on parade fungi bending time and space takes me to a happy place cant wait to see their faces I’ll see you at the races come and taste the magic ~ These mushrooms were intriguing with their the glowing color and the fuzzy texture, but not…

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Dog Days

Dog Days ~ dog days of summer melting streets and tender feet meet the heat with play ~ I don’t know who to credit this playful print that I saw at the local Pier One store. The image, especially the heart glasses, made me smile and realize it’s time to play more. Summer heat or…

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Sexy Santa

Sexy Santa ~ movin’ and groovin’ sexy Santa cuts a rug dance on Charlie Brown ~ Gotcha! I bet you’re wondering where the sexy part is or even Santa? Sorry, you’ve been “peanutized” with a classic bait and switch ad or the football-fake-out that Sally does to poor Charlie Brown every year. Most of us know the power of…

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Fairy Fun

Fairy Fun ~ lush lichen mounds the perfect dance grounds the diva is away it’s time to play grab the honey cider fling your partner wider a grand autumn fest time to play and jest ~ Happy Autumn from the Ozark Fairies, distant cousins to the Desert Chimeras!    

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Moka Fever

Moka Fever Muse Brad is still recovering from his bout with Moka Madness. After getting caught up in the excitement of the muse uprising and pub crawl, Muse Brad has become quite rebellious. Andrea from Harvesting Hecate suggested he just needs a little freedom and rebellion to get it out of this system. And LWBateman…

Coffee Channel

The Origins of Muse Mayhem

Here is the original post that was the inspiration for my muse mystery and mayhem series. In rereading this early post on muses and caffeine, we had a few chuckles so we’re sharing the goodness with you. Plus we noticed a fun synchronicity. This is the 5 year anniversary of this post. Plus the post…

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Moka Madness

Moka Madness I have sad news to report. After going missing, Muse Brad has been found, but he’s in bad shape.  After a series of breakdowns, attacks, escapes, and affairs, Muse Brad has contracted a new strain of fever called Moka Madness. He can’t eat, sleep, or do anything except think of the divine Moka…

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Missing Muse

Missing Muse My writing muse has been missing in action for a while. My fanciful friend, Muse Brad, seems to have left the premises. I persist in writing because I’m a stubborn cuss, but my writing feels flat and forced. Or maybe I have a new muse that is all about writing schedules ala D. Wallace’s…