Dancing with Lua

Dancing with Lua


I met a girl named LuaLua, ceramics, poetry

she filled me with Kahlúa

then began to dance

I fell into a trance

this girl had super fine moves

with some serious grooves

she was the life of the party

a girl so gay and arty

Lua is the girl for me

I’m happy to be with thee


Sometimes a guy or girl just wants to have fun.  🙂 Thanks to Belén Soto for sharing another of her wonderful ceramic characters. This one is called Lua; Maid of Honor at the wedding of Sol and Drake.


15 thoughts on “Dancing with Lua

  1. Loved your little poem and Lua is quite a girl.. I have visited Belén Soto work you have show-cased before Brad.. And she is an amazing artist with so many wonderful creations.. Thank you again for sharing Lua.. I know she brought a huge smile to my face too 🙂 😀

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