fungi, poetry

Fungi Fantasia

Fungi Fantasia ~ funky fungi glow nature’s unsung recyclers harbingers of life ~                                 Fungi are endlessly fascinating to me. I love the variety of colors, shapes, textures, and habitats they occupy (from the desert to the deep sea.) Did…

poetry, spring

Spring Fever

Spring Fever ~ great balls of satire fields filled with dirt and mire the flowers such a sorry sight weary to all but a sprite trees laden with mushy buds from spring rain and floods may the farce be with you calling spring fever to ensue ~

moss, poetry

Moss Mountain

Moss Mountain ~ majestic mountain ruling over mossy fields king of the moss land ~ I love the details of nature to be found in close up views. I’d love a better camera to fully capture the details, but they’re still fascinating to me. This scene is like a miniature mountain scene. In physical reality,…

monsters, moss, imagination

Monsters in the Moss

Monsters in the Moss ~ monsters in the moss creatures lurking in the grass silken hideaways imagination run wild dreams to pass the time of day ~ I love the variety of colors, textures, and plants in this corner of the woods. Looking at the image later, I saw what appeared to be two creatures…

Christmas, merriment

Christmas Chaos

Christmas Chaos ~ Twas the night before Christmas and chaos filled the house Elves were chasing Santa’s mouse Mrs. Claus was posing with a potted Dancer Vixen was determined to ride Prancer cups were flowing with spiked nog creating a bit of a toy backlog yuletide traditions were put aside preparing for a naughty sleigh ride…

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Blue Sky Fun

I don’t often join online games or challenges but this one struck a chord for the quality of questions and answers. I found it a fun way to learn more about our blogging community. I also like the number 11!  🙂 The game is called Blue Sky Tag. This round originated with Sally Cronin of Smorgasbord…

mushrooms, poetry

Mushroom Musings

Mushroom Musings ~ mushrooms glowing in the shade psychedelic colors on parade fungi bending time and space takes me to a happy place cant wait to see their faces I’ll see you at the races come and taste the magic ~ These mushrooms were intriguing with their the glowing color and the fuzzy texture, but not…

summer, heat, poetry

Dog Days

Dog Days ~ dog days of summer melting streets and tender feet meet the heat with play ~ I don’t know who to credit this playful print that I saw at the local Pier One store. The image, especially the heart glasses, made me smile and realize it’s time to play more. Summer heat or…

dancing, poetry

¡Viva El Baile!

¡Viva El Baile! ~ feel the passion embrace the thrill become the rhythm and move your feet entangle your partner flow with the music awaken your spirit long live the dance ~ Viva la España.    This post is my fun tribute and response to Brooke’s tribute to Sevilla, Spain. Reading Brooke’s post brought back fun associations…

Lluvia, poetry, pottery

Lucky Lluvia

Lucky Lluvia ~ Drake and Sol are mates so royal parents both affectionate and loyal flying on wings of love they travel the skies above I’ve heard rumors of a coup escaping with a Canadian troop they joined a merry gaggle full of laughter and babble ~ This is the latest in Belén’s collection of…