Raging Rivers

Raging Rivers

Raging Rivers, poetry

Lake Anne Spillway, Bella Vista, Arkansas by Jennifer Parker


raging rivers flow

bursting with latent power

will not be tamed


We’ve experienced record-setting levels of rain over the last week, dumping about 9″ of rain in 24 hours over much of NW Arkansas and SW Missouri. This photo was taken at Tanyard Creek, usually a mellow stream. Rivers, creeks, and lakes are bursting with water, after many flash floods all over the area. Fortunately, we only had minor water intrusion in ourΒ basement, while some homes were submerged in water.

This “creek” is running so fast, it’s become a kayaking playground! Photo by Jennifer Parker of Tanyard Creek, Bella Vista, Arkansas.Β raging rivers, poetry


How about a round of golf at this course a few miles north of town! Please be safe and smart about running water. We’ve had a number of needless accidents from people trying to cross flooded creeks.


42 thoughts on “Raging Rivers

  1. Yes, Brad. The poem and photo certainly express the power of water.
    I just looked at our stream and wow — it’s really amazing! Rushing so powerfully through the landscape, and loud! I wouldn’t want to be in its path right now.

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  2. The power of water is awe inspiring!! Love the poem. Water is powerful in so many different ways.
    I am in NwA area too (fayetteville/ Rogers) and my husband and I were driving the night if the really bad storm. It was scary!!


  3. Wow, that’s a LOT of rain you’ve had there, Brad! I gotta say, I love it when the waters are raging like that, but it can be really damaging too. I’m glad you’ve only had minor water intrusion in your basement. πŸ™‚

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    • Yes Julie, record-setting amounts of rain with flooding, but thankfully minor at our house. I love the raw power and flow as long as it’s not in my yard/ house! I grew up near Great Falls National Park so I’m used to and enjoy big, fast waterfalls. Maybe I’ll even try kayaking them sometime. πŸ™‚

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  4. Such rains are hitting many places around the world Brad.. I doubt there are many places that have escaped flooding during the recent few years.. I know here in the UK we had horrendous floods.. I heard from another blogger about the tragedies too that went with the flooding.. So awful for those who lost loved ones.
    So pleased to hear you only had minimal damage..
    And Kayaking is one way to get around when water levels rise.. πŸ™‚

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  5. Water is so powerful! I love your poem, Brad…and remember back when you first started to write haiku! I am happy you have not had severe flooding. Your comment about the golf course brought back memories…my cousin jumped off a raft in California many years ago. He was in a golf course that was flooded and the kids were riding rafts in the current. He jumped (or fell) off right over a storm drain that did not have a cover on it! I don’t remember the length of pipe he was swept through, but he did not survive the accident. I never met him, but I have always been haunted by what happened to him. So when you put out a warning to people to be careful, especially kids who don’t always think things through, it is very sage advice. Sorry…didn’t mean to be a downer.
    Hope all is well with you my friend…have a blessed day!! ❀

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  6. Before I read the blog, I thought the first photo was of a waterfall in it’s natural state and then when I read it was a meandering creek…..I couldn’t believe how much rain was dumped on the region last week…incredible amounts and it just kept coming…as we know from the monsoons here in the Southwest…very dangerous to try and cross water that is flowing that fast…great post…powerful pics and video…

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  7. Tremendous force in that water! Lorrie’s comment really illustrated the need for carefulness during such times. Such a tragedy. I’m glad, Brad, that your house was mostly spared from water issues. I know my parents’ house had a number of times flooded throughout the years, and many items lost from the past, plus that water damage and preventing mold growth, and etc. Thinking of all those families who were effected. My best wishes and hopes for them for a strong recovery after such a torrent.

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