Awesome Stories 317

This week brings you healing poems, musical mayhem, solar breakthrough, and true service.

Healing Poemspoetry, Awesome Stories

This is a fun and soulful children’s book called This Is A Poem that Heals Fish written by Jean-Pierre Simeón and translated to English by Enchanted Lion Books. This Daily Good article offers a sweet sampling of the book, illustrations and fanciful way that poetry is introduced to the reader and book’s protagonist, Authur, as he explores the question of what is poetry. It’s a fun and lively book of questions, puzzles, illustrations and opening new doors in our mind and heart. I bet it would be fun to create a children’s book, Meanwhile, my definition of poetry is creating strings of words that take flight in our hearts. Enjoy!  🙂

Musical Mayhem

Ken Butler is a creative artist who likes to make instruments from found objects. You might think the point is humor, but it’s not. Ken wants us to consider the idea of finding beauty where we are by creating, playing, and sharing these whimsical musical instruments made from found objects that he calls bricolage. His hybrid instruments explore the “transformation of objects, sounds, and altered images as function and form collide in the intersections of art and music.” Ken also creates collages, displays, and musical performances with his art. Here is a sample.

True Service

This waiter embodies the essence of true service. Joe Thomas is a server at IHOP in Springfield IL. Recently, a regular customer came in with her husband. She has Parkinson’s disease and the husband needs to feed her. Joe decided to feed her so the husband could relax, eat and enjoy his meal too. Unknown to Joe, another customer photographed the action and posted the photos, and now Joe has become a media hero. Joe has responded by telling people his parents raised him to be kind and treat others fairly. Maybe Joe and his parents can train more people to be servers of kindness. Then the world will be a better place. 🙂

Integrated Solar RoofingTesla, solar roof, Awesome Stories

Tesla recently announced plans for a breakthrough in solar roofing. Their solar roof tiles are designed to completely replace regular roofing while supplying solar energy from the integrated solar panels. The real breakthrough is a solar roof that is durable and cost-competitive to ordinary roofs while producing electricity at industry leading cost. Interestingly, they are made of glass and look gorgeous. I would love to install these on my next home. How about you?

May your week be full of creativity, kindness, healing and music!



16 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 317

  1. Wow – I think this might just be your most awesome collection yet! That poetry book took my breath away – such a truly touching blend of image and verse. As for the junk instruments – too cool!!! And the fact that the first one, an axe, was something associated with brute force, turned into something that can play beautiful music…there’s such a wise, beautiful, playful juxtaposition in that. And that example of true service is sooooo heart warming. You’ve made my Sunday dear friend – thank you! Love, Harula xxx

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  2. When we bought our house, the roof had been replaced only a few years before. But…either before it needs to be replaced, OR WHEN it does, Ima haveta look into that new solar roof! WOWZA! Your other stories, of course, are awesome, too. There is a children’s orchestra from Venezuela called, “The Landfill Harmonic” in which all their instruments have been made from the landfill. They’re amazing. 🙂 So, “found sound” as they call it, really is awesome. :0)

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  3. I enjoyed collecting news items and also used to write posts using “wordplays.” The essays meant a lot to me as this post was brimming full of good news and joy. The server story touched my heart. I believe in alternative sources of fuel and energy. Lovely post, Brad. 🙂

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    • Thanks Robin. I love sharing stories that inspire and yet I’m feeling a bit stale with this series (which has been going for about 3 years!), but not sure what else I might want to do. I enjoy spontaneous word play with poetry and sometimes playful comments on other posts and poetry. 🙂


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