Monsoon Madness

Monsoon MadnessMonsoon, Mike Oblinski


pressure drops

winds reverse

rains pour

lightening strikes

valleys flood

nature speaks

man listens

balance restored


Thanks for another inspiring storm photo from Mike Oblinski. I’m in awe of his photography and willingness to chaseย storms like this monsoon in the Chiricahua Mountains of SE Arizona.

Sometimes we need a kick in the pants to be reminded that we are not in control and there are forces greater than humans. With the rise of dramatic storms and weather events around the world, nature seems to be trying to tell us something. Many scientists attribute the rise in storms to the impact from climate change. It’s in our best interest to live more harmoniously with the planet. Will we listen or go extinct like the dinosaurs?



29 thoughts on “Monsoon Madness

  1. wonderful post, Brad. You’re completely right that we should take more care about the earth. Do you remember a song from the Doors…”what have we done to the earth, our mother, ravaged and plundered her… that’s very true, unfortunately.

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  2. After such a docile and relatively stable/predictable atmosphere in the valley of the sun, I remember several times where violent monsoon like weather ripped through the area. It was like, as you say Brad, that some unseen force is sending a reminder to wake up and pay attention to the consequences of our actions.

    There is a dichotomy in the beauty of violent weather. The two words don’t seem to go together – violent and beauty – but, there is no other way to describe it. And if that’s what it takes for the human species to receive the message that change is required to preserve this beautiful world we inhabit, I’m happy that we have talented photographers like Mike and gifted poets like yourself to show us the way.

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  3. Thanks, Brad. I hope we are listening.
    Some countries in South America have passed laws giving the Earth rights. We need to do much more on the individual, familial, workplace and societal level. Protecting the environment calls for massive , genuine collaboration between people and countries.

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  4. Man! What a photo!
    I love your poem, and wish we would all listen a little more….to the small things as well as the ones that can’t help but get our attention. I do love a good thunder storm!

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  5. Could not agree with you more, Mike Oblinski photography is inspiring, and then along with your words and I sense hope at the end ~ will man listen and begin to restore the balance of our world/environment. Powerful post Brad.

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