A Vortex of Power

A Vortex of Power


I’ve raved and shared about Mike Oblinski’s photography many times. He is a talented photographer who loves to photograph and chase storms. His latest storm video, called Vorticity 2, is beautiful, mesmerizing, and disturbing all mixed together for me. I could see it setting the mood for an action or horror film. I suggest watching it on full screen to get the full effect. The poem below is my tribute to his wonderful video.


powerful winds build

storms racing across the land

vortex of power

beware the force of nature

righteous beauty on display


May the force be with you. 🙂



50 thoughts on “A Vortex of Power

  1. Just WOW Brad! Nature is so freaking awesome! 😍 Great poem to go with it too! We had 3 confirmed tornadoes pass through here yesterday. Not in my immediate area, but not too far away, it was really intense. Some damage in the pathways of them, but no injuries, thankfully. Things are much calmer today. Have a lovely week, my friend. 😊

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  2. Mother Nature does not disappoint! The power of her fury is overwhelming at times. We have been having strong storms in the south…and there is a disturbance in the tropics…truly NOT one of the things I love about living here.
    It’s hard for me to tell if the weather seems more tumultuous because the climate of the people seems so…I think Mother may be affected by her people…
    Hope you have an awesome week, Brad ❤

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  3. Nature has its way of reminding us all that we have such an amazing Creator! I love the elements in the exquisite photography….. and I love your tribute even more so. You have a way of marrying words with delicate opposites and tying them so beautifully like a ribbon after ….. ❤️

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