Floating Dreams

Floating Dreamsdreams, stagnation, floating, indecision

Just two months ago, my dreams were floating lazily along like the leaves in this photo. Now, they’re frozen, along with me, the temperature and this creek.

As to what’s the best solution, it might simply be time. Waiting, and allowing life to bring new energy, ideas and opportunities as the seasons progress. My life seems to be frozen lately. I’m not working at a job or toward any particular projects. I have a couple of ideas floating around, but not really sure what I want to do.

I recently penned a poem called Frozen Dreams. In my darker moments, that seems like my life’s theme song. I have rarely reached out to grab hold of my dreams, nurture them, feed them and most importantly, act on them. If you’ve been following me for a while, then you might already know that taking action is not my strength. Here is a post from over three years ago on the need to anchor your dreams with action. Now, if only I would take my own advice!

I love to research, dream, ponder, analyze and learn, but not so much on committing and taking bold action. Part of the hesitation is that I seem to have lost all sense of what I really want in life. Especially, what I want enough to make hard choices, commitments, sacrifices and action. So I float along, like the leaves in this photo, allowing life to drag me along wherever it goes, with occasional steering and once in a while, completely abandoning the river for other pathways! And paradoxically, there is a fine line between flowing with life and becoming too passive. As to the art of flowing with life, I’m still learning.

Many of us get distracted by greener pastures; the idea that somewhere else is better than here. I’ve fought that one for much of my life. I’m only recently realizing how futile it is to always be looking elsewhere to the solution to my challenges. The real opportunity is to creatively respond to life and the situations brought my way. The best place to make a better life is here and now.

This is much easier to say than do, or gurus wouldn’t write about this over and over. So what’s an ordinary person to do? I don’t honestly know, but I do have a couple of ideas floating around. Maybe I’ll feed them to see what grows and what withers. Or maybe I’ll surprise us all and take bold action. Like a good suspense book, this story is just unfolding. Stay tuned to see what’s next!

And thanks for “listening”. I don’t write or talk about these topics much anymore. I prefer to write about inspiration, poetry, sustainability and my passions.

May our dreams grow roots and wings!



31 thoughts on “Floating Dreams

  1. Oh, Brad…I think you have pretty much nailed the crux of the problem…I understand! I recently wondered why certain things were working…or not working in my life and I think so much comes down to me not ‘committing’ to what I say I want. This put a spotlight on what I THINK I want and in some cases, Brad, I don’t think it is what I want at all!! I think deep down…and I mean really deep down we know exactly what to do. I think we then hear other’s opinions and think about what we SHOULD do or not do, and we silence the true passion of our souls. Here’s the thing I do know…I know that we have to do SOMETHING…and while we are doing it we can learn to listen to the voice inside. Truth feels light and airy…and lies are heavy and icky. I say listen…meditate…and think about the thing that seems like you want to do it but you give yourself 50 reasons why it couldn’t work…and I’d say that was a good place to start!! I am on the sidelines…cheering you on. ♡♡

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  2. I love hearing your authentic voice Form your heart Brad. So many of us feel unsure about our direction, and think we “should” take bold action, make grand plans and follow our dreams. Sometimes the reality is a bit different.
    I’m with Lorrie here, and I’m a firm believer in taking small mindful steps rather than bold leaps. Take one step, knowing that there is no right or wrong, and notice what comes up. There will likely be discomfort and some fear, but notice what is beyond that. Perhaps it will touch your heart and give you the confidence to take the next step. 💛

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  3. From your writing I gather there is so much passion just under the surface. One day soon, I’m sure, something beautiful and worthwhile will pop out, and that’s when it’s time for action 🙂 I took a bold chance a few months ago and didn’t even believe things would pan out, but they did. And brought all the excitement I can handle 🙂

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  4. Okay, here’s the thing, from your old lady friend. You just start somewhere, anywhere! You may not know enough yet to know exactly where your passions or directions lies, but as you advance down one road you come to forks in the road which you couldn’t have perceived. And you take one and you learn more and find more of what calls to you, and then another fork comes and so on until one day you have that “aha” moment where all the pieces fall into place and you know!!!! You just know beyond the shadow of a doubt. But if you are constantly stuck in “if” land you cannot reach the forks that lead you to the “yellow brick road” as it were. So put your little foot out in some direction, any direction, and begin the journey. There is a higher power calling you Brad, but He cannot begin to lead you when you are stuck in “iffy” land. Love and hugs, N : ❤

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  5. May you find brighter thoughts my friend…sometimes these dark thoughts can consume us but I know you are stronger than you know and will get out of this funk…keep following your dreams and keep living the beautiful moments in life

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  6. I like the idea of allowing things to unfold naturally, to walk through doors that open and pass by those that close, all the while following that which brings me joy and trusting I’ll be led step by step in the direction I’m to go. It may seem like a passive approach, but it’s the one that gives me the most peace. Follow the peace, be kind and patient with yourself my friend, sending you love and light…

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    • Thank you Julie. I like that approach too, yet feel the need to step up my game to create some work and income. 🙂 Maybe some small steps to test the waters as others have suggested. And be patient, kind and peaceful along the way. 🙂 to peace and love…

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  7. I enjoy your inspirational posts, but I’m also glad you are sharing this personal part of your own journey. Most of us wonder what path to take at various times. I think life is a series of experiments. Even when things don’t work out the way we hoped, we learn, we rest, regroup and begin our next experiment. I have a feeling something is going to reveal itself soon, or maybe it already has. A long time ago, I had a dream that the path in front of me was covered by water. After a few moments of confusion, I lifted my foot. As I moved my foot forward, a stepping stone rose out of the water to meet the bottom of my foot. The stepping stones only showed themselves as I stepped forward. Thanks for reminding me of this dream. Best wishes!

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  8. Sometimes we need to be in limbo if only to gather together our thoughts on what we do or don’t want.. I have faith in you.. Now have faith in yourself..and go within the flow… Remember the river may appear frozen upon the surface.. but underneath the current is still flowing! 🙂

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