Anchor Your Dreams

Are you being called to action?

I certainly am. The universe is asking me to live up to my good intentions and values. Intending something doesn’t seem to be enough.

We need to anchor our dreams and intentions in actions that nurture, support and grow them in the world.

We and the world thrive when our love is rooted in the physical. I believe the purpose for our human experience is to bring more love into expression in the world. Yes, we need good feelings, thoughts, and intentions, but ultimately actions are needed. Otherwise all we have is a life of dreams. For me, that has become unsatisfactory.

In order to grow a thriving garden, we must start with rich, fertile soil. We plant our thought seeds in the garden of our feelings and consciousness. Without feeling good, it is very hard to grow a garden. No matter how many seeds we plant, how much water we provide, or actions we take, our garden will likely wither.

Plant your dreams carefully in a well prepared consciousness. Some of the many tools to create a harmonious state (healthy soil) are meditation, exercise, good food and water, body language, empowering story, focus, play, creativity, and loving connections.

Anchor Your Dreams

Once we have prepared the soil, then we plant our seeds. What dreams, intentions, and goals do you have for your life?  This is how we exercise our power of choice. We each have the freedom to create the life of our own choosing. I choose to base mine upon what is most joyful, meaningful, and inspiring. These include richer personal relationships, meaningful contribution at work, and more travel to refresh and nurture my soul. My evolving story is grounded in good feelings, clearer goals, and meaningful actions.

After listening to a CD by Tony Robbins, I realized that I won’t be happy until I take more action to align my life with my dreams. This was my call to action. Sometimes our circumstances are so far from our dreams that the best thing we can do is to change our goals. Our dreams and goals also evolve as we live and grow. So ultimately, there is no lasting peace in goals, but they are a tool to keep us moving and growing. We anchor our dreams in the world with action.

If we listen to our soul or intuition, we are provided with constant feedback through our feelings. Our feelings are signals as to whether we  are moving in the direction of our highest good, joy, and purpose or not. If we’re on track, then we feel good (open, happy, joy, alive).  If we aren’t, then we feel bad (contracted, angry, sad). “Movement” can be expressed in thoughts, actions, and choices.

The soil is prepared and my seeds (aligned with my values and goals) are planted. Now I’m taking action to grow those precious seeds. What seeds are you planting? Choose wisely, then act. It’s time to water; see you in the garden!

Blessings, Brad

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