Prairie Ponderings

Prairie Ponderingsprairie, ponderings, six-word stories

walking among the tall prairie grasses

golden sunlight awakens my dormant dreams

timeless rhythms pound in my heart

~prairie, poems, stories

golden colors feed unknown primal longings

to be one with the prairie

trusting, growing, rooted in rich earth


My walk through the prairie awakened dormant longings and feelings that I can’t describe. There is something very primal about the look and feel of prairies for me. I hope you have a chance to experience some of the prairie lands that fed the growth of this country, starting with the mammoth, then bison, native americans, settlers, farmers and the industrialization of America.

To peaceful prairie ponderings!


21 thoughts on “Prairie Ponderings

  1. Well spoken, my friend. I especially love the sound of a breeze whistling through the tall grasses – a subtle whisper that begs for your attention. Couple that with the way these prairie grasses bend and dance in the same breeze – it’s a wonderful reminder that we can adapt to changing conditions while, as you so eloquently state – remain rooted in rich earth.

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