fields, dreams, poetry

Fields of Dreams

Fields of Dreams ~ radiant blue skies golden pastures of tallgrass ignite fields of dreams ~ I’ve always loved the openness of prairie lands with their golden grasses and endless vistas. For me, the open vistas invite an inner opening. My body, mind, and being all open and relax in response to these views. I…

winter, wonder, poetry

Crystalline Moments

Crystalline Moments ~ a beautiful dream frozen in time thoughts crystallized in spirals of wonder lattices for languid love waiting on spring’s song ~ #melancholy musings, #winterwonder  

Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams ~ vibrant petals glow alive with the scent of love feeding summer dreams ~ vibrant petals begin to fade and gardens begin to recede the life energy withdraws storing energy in the roots like nature, I turn inward focusing my energy within quiet on the outside but alive with potential waiting, storing, building…

love, poetry

Shivers of Ecstasy

Shivers of Ecstasy ~ perched at the edge of the bay time seems to stop as heaven and earth merge my imagination takes flight soaring on soft puffy clouds allowing our souls to break free no longer bound by earthly toils free to float, fly, or simply be your spirit touches mine alive with shivers…

beauty, love, poetry

Tropical Delights

Tropical Delights ~ delicate island breezes carry your scent inland tropical delights ignite my desires a siren call of passion, play, and forbidden fruits body swaying in rhythm to your island beat my heart on fire with longing obsession fills me with tropical dreams longing to claim your treasures I surrender to your charms ~…

field, dreams, poetry

Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams ~ laying in golden fields grasses softly swaying  caressing my body and soul I play with possibilities dreams seeded in fertile fields of imagination and spirit I release them to God and emerge renewed ~ In reality, I only hiked by this field, but later had the sense of possibility playing in…