Craggy Dreams

Craggy Dreams ~ lone tree grows sideways roots clinging to rocky hills a true survivor ~ I love these pines and cedars that cling to life in the craziest places. Thanks to Jennifer Parker for sharing her lovely photo taken on Mt. Magazine. At 2753′, it’s the highest peak in Arkansas. Mt. Magazine is a flat-topped…

haunted dreams

Steampunk Dreams

Steampunk Dreams ~ machines belching smoke ominous haze fills the sky man imprints the land ancient bells sound the alarm steampunk dreams running rampant ~ If you don’t know, steampunk is a genre of science fiction that incorporates technology and design elements inspired by 19th-century steam-powered machinery. Looking at this image from Kirk, I heard…

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Frozen Dreams

Frozen Dreams A poet is somebody who feels, and who expresses their feelings through words. ~ Laura Riding ~ frigid air beckons  water becomes the artist dreams frozen in time ~

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Awesome Stories 343

This week Awesome Stories brings you true grit, young leaders, and the divine dance. True Grit Tatyana McFadden‘s life reflects an amazing determination or what used to be called grit. Tatyana was born with spina bifida, paralyzed below the waist, and given up by her birth mother who couldn’t support her. While living in an orphanage in…

Far Away Dreams

Pastel Dreams

Pastel Dreams ~ pastel infused dreams liquid landscapes floating by time becomes color ~ #NaPoWriMo day 13 This gorgeous watercolor landscape of Kent, England, by Janet Weight Reed, inspired my dreams and my muse. If you don’t know Janet, I encourage you to visit her blog, which is full of beautiful watercolor paintings, interspersed with…

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Poetry Collaboration- When Dreams Fade Away

When Dreams Fall Away Neha of Forgotten Meadows has started another poetry collaborative. This time she asked us to write a poem based on the prompt “When Dreams Fade Away.” As I slipped into quiet reflection, my muse felt the magic of dreams and their fading as we enter our daytime routines. My offering is below.…