Magic Nights

Magic Nights

Perseid Meteor Shower, poetry

Photo by Gary Pearson via Flickr

magic moments stir the night

skies on fire with glorious light

cosmic visitors streak across the sky

wonder filling my heart and third eye


Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere were treated to three nights of magic in the skies last week. The Perseid Meteor Shower visited in full force with comet particles streaking across the sky that were easy to see with the naked eye. I was dazzzled with four meteors in just a few moments. Without a fancy camera, I was happy to sit, savor and be awed. The meteors reminded me what a beautiful and magical world we live in, where lights race across the sky, opening spaces in my heart.

Here’s another awe inspired poem called Distant Wonders

When I lived in CO, the night skies were more vivid. I often went out at night and simply gazed in wonder at the stars and galaxies that filled the night sky. I encourage you to watch the nightly magic show, coming to a backyard near you!   🙂


26 thoughts on “Magic Nights

  1. You are lucky Brad to see so many ‘Falling Stars’ 🙂 Our skies above our heads are polluted with light and so we only see the brightest of stars.. I always love going out into the countryside away from towns and suburbs and look skyward to the billions of stars out there.. And wonder often how Earth is positioned and how lucky we are to have Meteors mainly burn up within our atmosphere..

    Loved your poem and the chosen photo Brad.. I hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend ..
    Blessings Sue x

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  2. Love this, Brad! I wasn’t able to take in the meteor shower this year because it was cloudy here in the evenings. There’s nothing quite like star gazing to fill a person with awe and wonder of our amazing universe… 🙂

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      • Yeah, I was disappointed I missed them. I have seen the Northern Lights! But not in a spectacular display or anything, just a bit of faint green waves – I wasn’t even sure it was them haha! But I was still in awe. It was while I was living out in the country and I had got up during the night for a glass of water. I happened to look out my front window and there they were! It was pretty exciting. 🙂 Have you ever seen them?

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