Distant Wonders

Distant WondersDistant Wonders, poetry


distant wonders fill the skies

a rainbow feast for our eyes

creating a magical sight

on this glorious night


watching heaven’s aurora show

the sky dancing with lights aglow

wonders to dazzle and amaze

setting my heart ablaze


This awesome photo of the aurora borealis by Shane Michael Black on igviews.comΒ inspired me today.

May we find wonders near and far!



31 thoughts on “Distant Wonders

  1. I love your final statement – find wonders both near and far. It seems so easy at times to look far out into the depths of outer space and be amazed by the workings of Mother Nature. And yet, we often turn a blind eye to those wonders right in front of our eyes. May those wonders from afar remind us to appreciate all wonders, near and far. Thanks for sharing Brad πŸ˜‰

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  2. Boy, I really like this photo as this is the feeling I get whenever stepping outside on a dark, clear night. And now there is your poem there to trigger that blaze in everyone’s heart when they sit and ponder “what is out there…” Cheers to insight, hope and wonder ~

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  3. Thanks Randall. Truthfully, it’s been a while since I was in a remote area to see the sky sparkling with distant stars, sitting and pondering as you mention. Thankfully, I have my memories and the web photos to remind me. πŸ™‚


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