Perseid Power

Perseid Power

perseid meteor, poetry

Perseid Meteor Showers over Snowy Mountains, WY by David Kingham.


cosmic messengers

streaking across the night sky

leave traces of joy


The beautiful video below features the Milky Way as seen from Flatside Pinnacle in Arkansas. The video was taken by Tim Stain of the Arkansas Nature Photography Group. NASA is predicting a particularly great Perseid Meteor shower this year. They’re estimating we mightΒ see as many as 200 shooting stars per hour due to theΒ Swift-Tuttle Comet stream of debris being much closer to Earth’s atmosphere this year. The showers peak August 10-12, and will be visible for most of August. The best time to watch is after midnight looking toward the constellation Perseus in the northern sky. I intend to get out and enjoy the show! How about you?


31 thoughts on “Perseid Power

  1. Great video, Brad. And lovely haiku! It had me thinking this is the part where we’re suppose to put our seat backs and tray tables in the upright and locked position, and admire the interstellar turbulence! What a show!


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