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Awesome Stories 365

This week Awesome Stories bring you walking for love, the tip of time, soul food, and Earth Day. Walking for Love Matt Hopwood has spent years walking around the United Kingdom, collecting love stories from people he meets along the way. It started with Matt wanting to create more meaning in his life and build…

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Solar Awe

Solar Awe These photos from NASA and local photographer Stephen Ironside inspire more awe than my direct experience of the eclipse last week. So here is my tribute to the beauty, awe, and mystery of life with a trio of poems. Which is your favorite poem and why? ~ coronas shine out Baily’s Beads bending the…

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Awesome Stories 284

This week Awesome Stories brings you food security, celebrity baby, teaching sustainability and the science of awe! Capstone for Food Security Capstone was formed to help bring food security to residents of the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. David Young came to S. Louisiana thinking he would help rehab some homes, but he found a bigger…

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Arizona Beauty

Arizona Beauty ~ the sky on fire clouds swirling colors colliding the sun sets awe returns ~ This is an absolutely gorgeous photo from David A. Dawson photography. You might want to explore his Facebook page. I’ve seen some wonderful sunsets, including in the Southwest US, but nothing this spectacular.  

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Perseid Power

Perseid Power ~ cosmic messengers streaking across the night sky leave traces of joy ~ The beautiful video below features the Milky Way as seen from Flatside Pinnacle in Arkansas. The video was taken by Tim Stain of the Arkansas Nature Photography Group. NASA is predicting a particularly great Perseid Meteor shower this year. They’re…

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Awesome Stories 271

This week Awesome Stories brings you whale wonder, altruism, skating grace, more play and The Spark. Whale Wonder I love how excited this group becomes when watching and touching the whales in this video. The mother whale clearly trusts this group and decides to share her baby with them. Watch and share the joy. The…

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This week Awesome Stories brings you flow, plant power, awe, soulful singing and uplifting children. Focusing on Flow Here’s a good article on three tricks to find your flow. I have moments of flow, but overall don’t feel like I’ve been living in sych for far too long. Flow can be athletic peak performance, mental clarity…

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Majestic Views

Majestic Views   majestic views stir my soul regal canyons carved over time rivers below patiently flowing colorful clouds floating free all leaving beautiful trails in my soul awe whispers in my heart reclaim your majesty ~ This is another awe-inspiring photo from Mike Oblinski, photographer and storm chaser. May we look for beauty and listen…

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Desert Delights

Desert Delights   sunlight seeping over the mountains painting the sky in pink swirls a heart dripping with awe fills my mind with gratitude for the beauty of desert delights ~ This is a beautiful photo and morning prayer by Kirt Tisdale called “Sunrise.” Kirt also has some very creative prints and photo manipulations in…