Awesome Stories 236

This week Awesome Stories brings you new words for nature, magical paths, reading revolution, wisdom and a special car service.

Magical PathsMagical paths, Awesome Stories

This article is full of so much beauty I had a hard time picking which photo to share. I would love to walk any of these beautiful tunnels, nestled in the warmth of nature. My heart lights up just looking at these photos, I can imagine how wonderful it would be to stroll down these magical paths, wrapped in the beauty and healing energy of nature. Who wants to take a stroll!

Reading Revolution

I love the mission of this organization called The Reading Organization. They are using reading to help build empathy and connections by encouraging people to read books aloud together in groups. Their mission is to build a reading revolution, connecting people with great literature and each other through weekly reading groups, events and publications. People share their thoughts and feelings about the material read, thereby creating a stronger connection among the group. Right now, they are only in the UK, but maybe we need to create an American branch!

New Words for Nature

As writers, we understand the power of words. I love Robin Wall Kimmerer’s idea to start using a new pronoun for nature. Her top choice is “Ki” to replace the abstraction associated with our common use of the word “it” when talking about nature. She chose the word ki as a derivative of kin, focusing on our relationship to nature and each other. Whereas, using the word “it” tends to distance us from nature, treating her as an inanimate object. I totally agree that we need to honor the earth and the millions of other life forms on this precious planet. Learning to treat them as valued relations in our journey, not a supply of assets to be used at our discretion. As the Lakota Native Americans say, “Wakan Tanka”. To the great mystery or spirit behind and uniting all life.

Uplifting Car Service

Cathy Heying started out as a social worker, but she kept noticing how car problems often disrupted the lives of her clients, starting with the car and often leading to work and health challenges. After wishing for years that someone would help the needy with affordable auto service, she realized she was the one and enrolled in auto technician training! Kathy founded The Lift Garage, a non-profit auto service for low-income customers. They repair cars for cost on parts, plus $15/ hour for labor, versus market rates of $100 in Minneapolis. Due to generous support, they now repair about 35-45 cars per month, plus offer free inspections to help people keep driving and working. Way to go Kathy!

Walking Wisdom

Wendell Berry was one of the first and most influential people in my journey to live more connected to the earth. I love his books, philosophy and simple wisdom. He was recently honored with the highest humanities award from the National Endowment of the Humanities. As the 41st recipient, he gave a lecture on the Economy and Imagination at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. He discussed the role of affection in beauty, imagination and place. “For humans to have a responsible relationship to the world, they must imagine their places in it.” As we develop a relationship with a place, we begin to have affection for it, which is the basis of a true economy, rooted in caring and conservation.

What wisdom is wanting to enter your life? Listen to your heart whispers.


26 thoughts on “Awesome Stories 236

  1. I loved your first Link Brad.. wow those magical paths were beautiful on the Peaceful Warrior’s site.. thank you.. I am on my marathon today so I couldn’t get around all of your links.. But the post on Cathy’s determination to help others with car problems and starting a garage business to help those who need it most.. Kudos to her.. I know how large those garage bills can be..

    Brilliant shares Brad and I hope you have a BRILLIANT week also..
    Blessings Sue x

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  2. I simply lost myself in those stunning pathways…Torn between Bonn, Germany & Sakura Tunnel, Japan — but would love to walk them ALL! I’ve actually been to the Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland and can attest, it is every bit as lovely in person! Thanks for this and all your inspiring bits, Brad!! :))))

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  3. Yes please I’d love to walk between those trees it looks magical. 😊
    I struggled as a child reading out loud, used to get the words all jumbled and was awful at it. But reading out loud as an adult actually helped to build my confidence. Did you ever get those reading aloud groups in the U.S.?
    Yep Nature is alive so why not?🙌

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    • Thanks for sharing your story Isis. No, I haven’t heard of those reading groups, but I can see the benefit. Verbal storytelling engages more senses in both teller and listener, plus the public speaking element which can be a challenge for so many of us.


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